National Nude Day, Join The Movement

by Z Living Gal
Gettin' nude is trendy — and we're not just saying it because today marks National Nude Day. There's been a joyful celebration of all things au natural, bare, and buff lately, and the truly cool thing is, this trend doesn't center around unattainably sexy bods or NSFW photos. 

Today, going nude doesn't mean stripping down, it means loving and celebrating the skin and body you have. And that kind of body positivity is something we can definitely get behind.

Call it naked ambition. There's the #NoMakeup movement ushered in by songstress Alicia Keys and major models walking the catwalk with their faces scrubbed clean, encouraging everyone to set down the lipstick. There's the wildly popular Instagram account Nude Yoga Girl, which manages to make naked exercise a thing of beauty, not something overtly sexual. There's celebrities like Emily Ratajakowski who've turned the act of disrobing for Harper's Bazaar into a platform for discussing the double standard that occurs when a woman displays her body proudly. And there's so much more.

There's never been a better time to celebrate nudity...whether or not you're into taking off your clothes in celebration of the holiday.

Check out some of our favorite links from this year's bigger, broader, more positive world of nudity:

Alicia Keys: Time to UncoverWhy the musical icon is embracing #nomakeup. (via Lenny Letter

Emily Ratajkowski's Naked Ambition: The actress sits down with the famed feminist author Naomi Wolf to discuss sexuality, shaming, and the notorious Kim Kardashian selfie. (via Harper's Bazaar)

A Yoga Flow with Instagram's Nude Yoga Girl: Watch Instagram yogi @nude_yogagirl go through her daily exclusive yoga flow. (Via Harper's Bazaar)

This Lingerie Line Finally Solves This Frustrating Problem: The fashion industry has finally realized that one so-called “nude” hue most certainly does not fit all. (Via Refinery 29)

Want to learn more about the inspiring body postive moment and how to feel good in the skin you have? Read on:

WATCH: Z Living's Body Postive Health & Wellness series

Tell us: How do you feel about going nude, either sans clothing or makeup, or just being transparent about a moment in your life? Leave a comment below!

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