Fit, Famous & Fabulous: Celebrities Spill The Beans On Their Diet & Weight-Loss Secrets With Adrienne Janic

by Rebecca Lewinter

All set to premiere on 19th February, Fit, Famous & Fabulous puts the spotlight on the best workouts, diets, and beauty regimens that keep stars looking and feeling their best.

We caught up with host Adrienne Janic who gives us the low-down on what we can expect from the series, why you should tune in, and of course, the actress’ very own fitness and workout routine.

Let’s get you up to speed:

What is it that you love about hosting Fit, Famous, & Fabulous?
“I’ve met some amazing people while we were filming. I think the general public thinks celebrities are born “perfect” with amazing bodies. We try to show them in a very relatable and approachable light. Each and every one of them works very hard to achieve their personal goals and fitness levels.

I also love the style of the show; there is a little something for everyone. From fitness and skincare to food and holiday retreats, both men and women can enjoy the show and, hopefully, feel inspired, too.”

Any lessons learned that you may have incorporated into your everyday life?
“Whether it is dance, gymnastics, hiking, or yoga, finding something you genuinely like to do is the only way to go. That way, working out won’t feel like a chore or an obligation. The minute you begin to lose interest, feel free to change it up. I’ve definitely incorporated the mantra into my life. It’s taken me out of the workout rut, and I’ve been exploring and trying new kinds of fitness routines to keep it fresh and interesting. In fact, I just started going to a Bollywood dance class and I absolutely love it! Having some friends enroll in the same class is an added bonus.”


What are you hoping viewers take away from this show?
“I’m hoping they feel inspired to achieve their goals, eat better, learn new ways to incorporate health and fitness into their everyday life and, in turn, inspire others as well. Fit, Famous, & Fabulous has such a wide range of celebrity guests that have revealed their secrets to staying in top form. I think the audience will appreciate their honesty and tips.”

What’s your secret to staying fit?
“I’m constantly changing it up, as far as workouts go. For me, cardio is key, and also my favorite, as for my body type it’s about maintenance, and keeping my heart in good shape too. I also try to eat healthy, but I don’t believe in cutting anything out. I’m not a huge fan of trend diets. To me, those are for quick results that cannot be sustained. I want a food plan that’s a lifestyle, not a ‘diet’. As long as you eat in moderation with small meals spaced out throughout the day, you should feel energized and be able to control impulse snacking.”

What is your personal favorite among workout routines?
“One of my favorite workouts is called Cardio Barre, which we’ve featured on the show. I also love ballet—just the art of it, and, of course, the long, lean body and form it gives you. As a mom, I have only three days a week, and an hour each to work out. When I found Cardio Barre, I was so excited. It has ballet moves that are set to high energy music for a full-body cardio. I gained about 40lbs during pregnancy. I credit Cardio Barre for getting me back into shape—physical and mentally.

I’m also loving the Bollywood dance class that I’ve been taking with my girlfriends. Not only does it get our hearts pulsating, but it’s a fun workout that doesn’t feel like an exercise, although it really is. We look forward to it every week.

The only tip I have is to learn how to breathe properly when you work out. It makes a bigger difference than you realize. For example, when you’re in a “crunch” position, that’s when you should be breathing out from your mouth while contracting your ab muscles. The breathing in (through your nose) is for when you’re coming out of the position.”


What are your guilty pleasures and favorite food indulgences?
“My guilty pleasure is traditional Italian food. I love pesto, cheese, pasta and freshly baked breads. For desserts, give me some tarts, a key lime pie, lemon meringue, or even a red velvet or carrot cake. Don’t even get me started on the cream cheese frosting.”

How do you stay motivated to workout and stay healthy?
“My motivation is my son. I want to be healthy for him, and also be able to keep up with him. I feel that a healthy lifestyle should begin at home. By setting a good example for my son, by eating right, preparing healthy meals and snacks, and taking him on walks, it will become a part of his life as he grows up.

In fact, there’s a “proud mommy moment” I’d like to share. We were once at a birthday party and they had regular, high sugar juice. He took some because his friends did. After a couple of sips, he brought it to me and said he didn’t like it and wanted fresh water instead.”

With so much excitement rolled into one powerhouse show, we suggest you don’t miss even a single episode. Stay tuned for more celebrities and their fit & fabulous workouts.

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