Fitness Trackers With Sweat Sensors Are All Set To Change The Game

by Charlene Flanagan

You thought smart watches were all the shit? Well, new-age fitness trackers know no bounds and it seems that everything from smart clothes and tracking tattoos to jewelled wearables and ones that can evaluate your orgasm have hit the market, paving the way for many #NextBigThing(s) in the fit fashion segment.  

The latest to join the production line, albeit still under the design stage, is the sweat sensor-enabled tracker which will provide you a lot more information than any other. This research project from UC Berkley will be all up in your sweat to generate comprehensive fitness data, most of which cannot be measured by conventional trackers.

Ali Javey, the study’s principal investigator explains, “Human sweat contains physiologically rich information, thus making it an attractive body fluid for non-invasive wearable sensors.”

Your sweat sample can help assess dehydration, electrolyte levels, muscle fatigue and overheating of the body, all of which are currently unavailable yet useful pieces of information for those who workout. 

What's more, the sensor pad is so compact and flexible, we wouldn't be surprised if one of the frontrunners like FitBit, JawBone, MisFit or Garmin bought out the intellectual property rights to incorporate the system into their existing trackers.

“We have developed a fully integrated system that simultaneously and selectively measures multiple sweat analytes, and wirelessly transmits the processed data to a smartphone. Our work presents a technology platform for sweat-based health monitors,” says Javey. To put it simply, yes, the data will be synced to your smartphone to give you results in real time.

In particular, we see the fitness trackers with sweat sensors playing a prominent role among exercise enthusiasts with medical conditions, or frankly, anyone who wants to monitor and personalize their performance for better results.

Our guess is this new-age tracking system will open multiple avenues for research in the fitness segment, connecting all the dots between sweat + performance + fitness levels + heart rate monitoring + physiological health. Until then, watch the video to truly understand the future of fitness trackers, sweat sensors intact!

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