Goth It? Here’s Rihanna’s Healthy Twist

by Charlene Flanagan

Good girl gone bad? That's pretty much the look Rihanna's going for in her latest social media post, where @badgirlriri has been Instagramming some snapshots from her friend's wedding in Hawaii.

While she did make an adorbs bridesmaid, the post (quite a contrast) that caught our eye was of her sporting some very bold Puma gear, for what we believe is part of her stint as the brand's newest creative director. With black lips and a choke chain, RiRi's look fits right into the Health Goth trend that's slowly gaining traction.

It's supposed to be a combination of a whole lot of trends like sportswear, body enhancement technology, dystopian advertisements, and a whole bunch of things were vaguely familiar with; but, at the base of it all, it's about pairing all-black ensembles with active gear or anything sporty. Think Kanye West's latest collection for Adidas, and youll get the picture.

Health Goth
It's not exactly brand new, but the trend has taken its own sweet time to catch on. If you recall, Alexander Wang collaborated with H&Mfor a monochrome collection that suddenly made wearing sneaker and sweats super cool. Up until recently, the trend was only a Facebook page, but it has now gained favor (and we guess Rihanna is to thank).

In fact, active wear that doubles up as smart casuals and can be worn throughout the day, with or without the sullen color palette, is being popularized by celebs like Carrie Underwood, Rita Ora, Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum, and Queen B (Beyonc) too. On the other hand, Dior, Raff Simons, Giuseppe Zanotti, and the likes of Saint Laurent are cashing in on the fitness and sportswear boom, with designer trainers and apparel that are both functional, and luxurious. While we've already taught you how to find the right fit with your sports gear, if some high-end threads are what you prefer, the possibilities are endless, so have at it!

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Rihanna

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