Guide: Buying The Right Sneakers To Suit Your Workout Activity

by Trina Remedios

Only if the shoe fits, wear it. It is essential when it comes to fitness trackers, music players, active wear, and workout accessories, and the first and foremost to toe the line should be your sneakers (keds/trainers/kicks/sketchers/cleats/sports shoes/gym shoes).

  • Finding the perfect fit is not just about how your sneakers measure up to your foot size, but also about how they can act as performance enablers to the activity at hand.
  • Walking shoes need to be stiffer, whereas running shoes would benefit from springs and shock absorbers.
  • Also, make sure that your sneakers are the right shape, in terms of toe and heel width. Often, this is an unexpected problem that creeps up on many fitness enthusiasts.
  • When you are shopping for trainers, keep in mind that the material and the weight makes a big difference to your performance. Also, opt out of fancy designs and laser cuts that could cause friction on your skin.

With the above in mind, we take a look at five common fitness activities like running, CrossFit, hiking, cycling and soccer, and recommend some of the most popular sneakers best-suited to each workout. Get off and the right foot and bid adieu to callouses, blisters, ankle sprains, heel discomfort and bunions.

Nike Tiempo Legacy For Soccer ($100): Your weight, which position you're playing, and the purpose of the shoe sums up the essentials of buying the perfect soccer cleats. Nike Tiempo Legacy is meant for artificial indoor turfs that require you to keep your feet firmly planted. Designed from calf-leather and sweat-proof fabric, they will help you stay grounded without restricting movement. The shoe is best-suited for midfielders, although the comfort fit and durability works all around the court. It provides good traction and helps you control your pace. Get your Legacy pair here.

North Face Ultra 109 GTX For Hiking ($120): You need to look for three elements in your hiking shoes: comfortable toe space; strong support at the ankle; a thick sole. North Face Ultra 109 GTX is popular with hikers who take on rough trails, those who love walking around mountains, and among backpackers too. This shoe is heavy, but offers the support and protection your feet need while treading along. With ample traction and a water-proof lining, take your pick from a variety of styles.

Northwave Fondo SRS For Cycling ($153): If you are cycling on the road, your shoes should be well-ventilated, smooth on the outer sole, and lightweight enough to make your ride efficient. While the body of the Northwave Fondo is light, the sole is stiff in order to give you a good grip. The comfort fit is designed to sit perfectly on the pedal as you cycle. Come this way to find your perfect match.

Reebok Nano 4.0 For Crossfit, ($76-$235): Training in a variety of disciplines in one workout session means that your shoes need to be just as versatile. They should lend you stability and flexibility in order to enhance your performance. The Reebok Nano does all that, and is ideal for weight lifting too. It has a multi-surface outsole for traction, while the forefoot and heels are designed to absorb shock upon impact, and provide comfort with their spring-back motion. Get your Crossfit shoes here.

Saucony Kinvara 5 for Running ($100): When you run, your legs bear the weight of your entire body. Your trainers should be light, with additional cushioning at the sole and stability at the heel. Kinvara matches up to these factors and is a hot favorite among runners; marathoners too. It provides great support to the ankles and cushions the blow with each step. Get this hot stepper here.

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