Spring Clean Your Makeup To Be Summer-Ready

by Karishma Roye
In the spirit of jumpstarting your beauty routine this summer, one of the first things you may have decided to do was to let go of some of your old makeup and skincare products. Well, it's also time to break up with your makeup when the texture is just not the same... especially if your once deliciously-fragrant lip balm now smells funky, and your mascara and liner wands have more lint and residue than product. (Ew!)
Your cosmetics expire a lot sooner than the date printed on the label—see that 12M on the back of your gel liner pot? That means it can last up to 12 months. But once opened, how you use and store the product, and the number of people you share it with resets the expiry date to an earlier date. 

One must consider spring cleaning her makeup kit, simply because the summer is far too unforgiving and brings with it skin problems of its own due to the heat. 

Put Your Makeup To The Eye & Application Test

  • Check the consistency of your concealer and foundation. If the product is running thin or is clumping, get rid of it, pronto! Typically these base products can hold their own up to six months, so that's a good rule of thumb to go by. 
  • Eyeshadows are so tricky because they're applied to one of the most sensitive areas on your face. Get rid of that shadow pot if it's not gliding as smoothly, the color seems different, or it has a metallic/oxidized smell. Three months, no more. 
  • Now, lipsticks have a problem of their own. Even the most expensive of the lot can simply melt and break off within the case owing to the sweltering heat. Always try and refrigerate your lipsticks to keep them fresh and in shape, taking just the one you want for the day in your handbag. Lipsticks can last about a year, so long as they are stored properly.
  • Mascaras and liners, much like eyeshadows, should be kept a close eye on. The consistency of your mascara will feel just fine in the summers because the heat helps retain the essence of the liquid formula but just remember that everytime you take the wand out to apply product, it collects bacteria from your surroundings, all of which you dip back into the pot for a second application. Three months at best; that's how long you should keep these babies around in the summer. (PS: Here's how you can make your non-toxic eyeliner at home.)

Keeping Those Brushes Clean

  • First things first, your beauty products overhaul will prove ineffective unless you thoroughly clean your makeup brushes (video tutorial here); be vigilant and take on the chore every weekend if you're a regular user.
  • Used to apply your base, the sponge is the hardest worker of the makeup family. Its primary function is absorption—of powder, and unfortunately sweat and bacteria too. While changing it up every six months is a given, it would serve you well to wash your sponge with disinfectant after after every three to five uses.
  • Sharperners and mascara wands can be sprayed with alcohol and cleaned with a paper towel.
  • For the eyelash curler, just a swipe of the makeup remover with a cotton pad is good enough.

Tips & Tricks To Transition Your Makeup Into Summer

  1. As a practice, always keep your makeup products in a dry and cool place during the summers; this means away from the bathroom and out of that heat-trapping handbag or dashboard. 
  2. Switch to powder-based formulas as they are less likely to trap and store bacteria than liquid- or gel-based solutions. A BB cream is also a good alternative for those who can't leave home without foundation.
  3. Instead of palettes, invest in individual pots and smaller-sized bottles so that you use up the product quicker than it can go bad or get stale.
  4. Sample-sized pouches are a great save for your handbag/travel essentials and a fresh one can be used every day.
  5. When applying makeup or creams and lotions, don't leave the bottles open in-between applications. Place the lid or protective cover back on to prevent bacteria and dirt from seeping into the product.
  6. If you're experiencing a bout of summer allergies, get rid of the products you may have used when you were catching that cold. Alternately, you can cut off the head of your lipsticks (about an inch) and sharpen the eyeliner for a fresh nib if you don't want to throw them away.
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