The Long & Short Of It: The Hair Length That Will Suit You Best

by Charlene Flanagan

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when it comes to picking out a hairstyle that will suit your face, it’s all about symmetry. Now, with the heat being turned up all around, the summer bob would seem like the best way to go when it comes to hairstyles. But, will a short crop suit you?

That’s a question most hairstylists find themselves being asked. It’s always smart to discuss the cut you desire, the treatment you need, and the density, volume, and texture of your hair, in order to find a style that best suits your face shape.

Also, make note that while shorter styles are of the wash-and-wear variety, growing them out can be an awkward process that’s bound by the shackles of hair clips and messy ponytails. That said, should you decide to go short, here’s a rule of thumb to find out if the length will be flattering to your face shape:

Simply, position a pencil or pen under your chin horizontally and then place a ruler under your ear vertically. If it reads less than 2.25”, there’s a good chance you’ll look amazing in a short haircut—pixie, bob or blunt! Anything more, and you’re better off with a longer do.

Now, this miracle measurement was discovered by hairstyle trendsetter and product innovator John Frieda, who said that it’s all about the angles; much like we said it’s all about the symmetry!

So the next time, instead of taking a picture of Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, or Lucy Hale to your hairstylist, play by the rules and size yourself up first.

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