Wedding Planning Guide: How To Have An Eco-Chic Wedding

by Rachael Collier
Planning a wedding this summer? You've no doubt got a lot on your plate as you plan your way to the perfect day. We don't want to add one more thing to your wedding planning to do list, but have you considered how your wedding may impact the environment? Green Bride Guide). That’s a striking figure for brides and grooms to make note of when planning their big day. Luckily, eco-chic and DIY wedding options are now readily available in the market; you needn't compromise on fun and style to have a sustainable and environmentally-friendly wedding.

Planning Tips For An Eco-Chic Wedding

Sustainable wedding planning doesn't have to mean compromising on great special touches. Here are some great ideas for those who want to throw the best, trendiest eco-chic wedding of the season: 

Wedding Flowers and Favors

  • Plantable stylish invitations and thank you cards printed on post-consumer waste are now available to help brides and grooms save the bees. These increasingly popular cards contain seeds from wild flowers that are ready for planting – the guest would just need to add water. Take for example, California-based Greenfield Paper Company, which offers invitations and even plantable favor boxes for the green thumb.
  • Using seasonal, locally-sourced wild flowers will also cut down on your carbon footprint versus imported flowers like Ecuadorian roses. You may even save a few dollars!
  • Another classic wedding tradition is tossing rice at newlyweds as they walk down the aisle as a married couple. The tradition dates back hundreds of years and is said to represent luck, fertility, and abundance using this symbol of a good crop. However, birds often eat the rice which can cause them to fall sick.  A fragrant alternative is to toss lavender buds. Fill mini cotton muslin bags labelled “throw me” with the scented buds or check Pinterest for more packaging inspiration.

Upcycled Wedding Jewelry

​Vintage jewelry designer Hattie Dunstan is seeing more and more women opt for "upcycled jewellery" to give unique items new life, and even reusing family heirlooms. ​​​ As for us, we love this bohemian 1940s Avonlea crystal and pearl shoulder chain necklace from Dunstan’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection for the eco-conscious bride (see image at top of article).  

“I love when a bride has her vintage family heirloom, maybe her grandmother's brooch, and we repurpose and recycle it into a new modern piece for her to wear on her wedding day. Upcycled at its finest!” said Dunstan. 

Wedding Dresses

  • It’s never been truer to say that you only wear something once, and with the average wedding dress costing over $1,300, vintage can save money and reduce your environmental footprint. Even most new wedding dresses need to be altered, so don’t be afraid to choose a wedding dress under $1000 that needs to be updated.  
  • Some brides and grooms are focusing on making conscious choices, including supporting local designers and choosing vintage and upcycled wedding dresses. ​Search for vintage wedding dress shops and consignment stores that might specialize in reused wedding dresses. 
  • Pay it forward and consider donating your dress after your big day. It's not like you'll be wearing it again, and you'll be passing on your good wedding dress mojo to the next bride to be. 
With so many great ideas for planning an eco-friendly wedding to choose from, aren't you feeling motivated to make the right kind of statement as a couple on your big day? Your love's not disposable, neither should be your big day. Share your own eco-firendly wedding planning tips with us, too. We're always looking to exchange notes, especially when it comes to the little changes that can help save the environment.  ​
Image: Magnolia Studios
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