Why Honey Is A Magic Beauty Ingredient

by Renee Mitson

HoneyDid you know that honey has natural antioxidant and healing properties? It also helps heal your skin after too much sun exposure, and treats minor acne. Pretty cool, huh? Well big brands are starting to take notice.
One of the most exciting trends to sweep the beauty world is actually rooted in tradition. For hundreds of years honey has been used to treat wounds, heal eczema, and keep skin supple and smooth.
Here are some fantastic (and affordable) skin products that are teaming up with the world’s sweetest super ingredient:
Nature’s Gold Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment, $8.99
Nature’s Gold has come into my life, and my skin has never been the same. All winter this was my go-to product to combat the damages of going from the cold outside to the warm and drying indoors. Unlike some of their other creams, this is a true serum and made with 30% Active Manuka Honey. I swear, it’s like the skin around my eyes drinks it.
Now that the summer months have come, I put it on after an afternoon in the sun to undo any sun damage and make sure that my tan stays moisturized and my freckles look fresh.
The Naked Bee Vitamin Enriched Sunblock, SPF 30, $8.99
Image Credit: The Naked Bee
Another great product that incorporates both honey and beeswax. It’s travel-size (meaning can go in your suitcase without a care), it’s a stick for easy application, AND it’s also a sunscreen. You’re basically healing your skin while you get some color. Win-win.
Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Honey Bath, $45
This honey dipper really is fabulous. Have you ever seen anything so cute? This product not only contain a fair amount of honey it also has vanilla extract and caramel notes for a ridiculously sweet aroma bubble bath. Now if only I had a claw foot tub...

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