Heat-Protecting Hair Sprays For Blow-Drying Enthusiasts

by Charlene Flanagan

A bad hair day, yes we know it’s #FirstWorldProblems, but what’s a girl got to do when she just can’t tame the frizz? Regardless of how you want to style it, it’s common to resort to heat-based styling tools (we’re looking at you, blow dryer) to get the perfect look or get those unruly tresses under control.

Over time, though, this little genius can prove to be quite the devil when it leaves you with dehydrated split-ends, thanks (but, no thanks) to all that heat. We listed the rules for a perfect blow out when we covered a hilarious video where girls let their boyfriends dry (read: fry) their hair.

Now, one of the key rules was to use a protective serum or hair spray on damp hair, five minutes before you hold the dryer/straightener/curling iron to your locks, and today we’re about to share our top favorite picks with you, dear readers:

Tried & Tested

  • Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Perfect Iron Spray: This formula, according to the brand, has been clinically proven to protect one’s hair against heat—up to 450° F/232° C, as well as reduce breakage by 80 percent. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan, we found that it delivers on its promise as the ends look shiny and there’s almost no frizz (otherwise common when you use a flat iron). At $28 for a 4.1oz bottle, it’s worth the bucks if you’re big on hair straighteners.
  • Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray: Having won the Allure Best Of Beauty title, the spray claims to provide heat protection for up to 450° F/232° C. It also protects hair from UV rays for 24 hours. Well, we didn’t know how to test the UV rays claim, but upon use, we found that it does indeed leave you with fewer strands in the brush and on the floor after blow drying. Also, the lightweight formula works well to keep the hair sleek and smooth without looking oily. At $26, this one’s great for those who use blow dryers often, and the fragrant solution lingers on all day. This could be good or bad depending on how sensitive you are to strong scents.
  • DIY Coconut-Almond Hair Spray: This one’s a personal favorite that we’re now willing to share because it’s just so good. In a bowl, add 200ml water. Then, with a dropper add 2-4 drops of organic coconut oil, the same amount of almond oil, 2 dime-sized drops of your favorite hair conditioner; mix thoroughly. Once done, add 50ml water and stir again. Transfer the mix to a spray can for use. The thing about home remedies is that you can customize them to give you just that little bit extra. The oils act as protective sealants while the conditioner hydrates dry ends.
Effective, easy to make, and economical, who says you need to pay a premium for quality products?
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