Our 5 Favorite Henna Styles To Rock This Summer

by Charlene Flanagan
Often, the biggest problem with getting a tattoo is making a commitment to that one design for a lifetime. Running through the pages of Instagram to find the latest in spring-summer fashion (hair accessories, jewelry, apparel and all), we came across this beautiful henna design that almost looked like a lace body tattoo we'd love to have. And right there, we realized, that the fascination with getting inked needn't limit your will to experiment (we fall in love with a new design, every other month). The keyword, lovely ladies, is henna!

Where To Get It
Henna has been around for over 6,000 years and is nothing but temporary plant-based ink used to dye one’s skin and hair. That means, no needles, no chemical dyes and no fear of getting any diseases or infections! Plus, it keeps the skin cool and will fade right off in 2-3 weeks, based on the quality of the henna. 

A number of salons, typically ones run by Asians, have henna tattooing services, some of which include the Arslan Salon & Spa in Philadelphia, Yuva Salon in Kentucky, Salon 21 & Spa in Naperville IllinoisLakeview Threading Salon in Chicago, New York Adorned in New York—basically, there's a studio in every other neighborhood in every other state, all you need is Google or Yelp.

On that note, let's look at some incredible designs from Instagram and Pinterest that have caught our fancy this season. Here's henna body art at its finest:

Henna For The Hands
While traditional designs employ floral motifs or patterns that are typically found in textiles and architecture from the East, this modern twist which makes use of more linear and cleaner patterns is a great alternative for an eclectic look this summer. Vibing well with dresses, shorts, or even bikinis, you won't need rings or bracelets to dress up your hands with a beautiful henna tattoo like this.

Henna For The Feet
Welcome to the world of hipster henna. Straying away from traditional patterns and veering more towards Arabic styles are funky designs with larger negative spaces that almost look like jewelry for the feet. You could even ask for the artist to draw up fun and youthful imagery using the dream catcher, feathers, petal trails or link chains as inspiration. Make the most of this style in open-toed summer sandals or flip-flops with narrow straps. Slingback wedges or heels are a good bet, too.

Henna For The Back
It’s not uncommon to get your back tattooed. And when it comes to henna, it makes for the perfect canvas. With such a large surface area, you can really go all out and get a detailed design tattooed on your back; opt for tops and tanks with deep backs, a crop top if you've gotten the tattoo on your lower back, or a backless dress for one that sits high and up. Floral and leaf motifs, tribal art, angel wings, birds in flight, whatever catches your fancy—go big or go home, we say! 


Henna For The Arm
When it comes to getting a tattoo, location is key; a henna tattoo on your arm is foolproof. You needn't go out of your way to show it off. Simply wearing a sleeveless or short sleeved-top is enough to let the arm-band design make a statement wherever you go. Totally festival-chic, a tapering design like this one will help make your arm appear slimmer, too. 

White Henna Tattoos

We recommend you steer clear of black henna which may be loaded with chemical dyes and could irritate your skin. A great alternative is the traditional green henna which peels to reveal a red-orange hue, or the white henna which has been trending lately for its unique finish. 

With white, it's important to be sure of what you want. Since the color is more prominent, a very large design is a commitment you must be willing to make for 3 weeks. If you're not sure, start off with a delicate wrist-circling design first and then keep adding more details until you're happy.

Have you come across any other henna styles you loved? Write to us in the comments section below. 
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