Style Guide: Who Said You Can't Live In Your Yoga Pants?

by Charlene Flanagan
Yes, there's a breed of men and women who just can't get out of their yoga pants; no, it's not the same as tracksuit-wearing, mall-walking seniors. And, don't compare us to those with Juicy slapped on their bottoms, or even them workout tank top hoarders who have no sense of occassion.

While some fashion critics may frown and sigh, the truth is that yoga pants are very similar to everyday leggings, and their flared-bottoms and straight-cut cousins are silhouettes that continue to dominate the main wardrobes of women. So why the fuss?

For those who want to basically live in their black yoga pants 24/7—ooh, so comfortable—go right ahead, we say! There are a million ways to jazz them up and work them into every occasion. Here's how we took them from the gym to brunch, to cocktails, and yes, the office, too:

Gym Class, People (Look 1)
Stating the obvious, you'd wear your yoga pants to, well, a yoga class, but these comfy wonders work just as well for Pilates, cardio sessions, CrossFit, HIIT, sledgehammer training, kickboxing, Zumba... basically any form of workout, so long as you're not heading for the pool. We put on our cutest sports bra because we've signed up for a 'women's only' class, but if you find yourself feeling self-concious, a tank top or casual Tee will work just as well. Our way to keep it stylish would be to slap on some wrist bands, choose a neon color for the top/bra, get the funkiest looking trainers, and use a cute headband or ponytail to tie that hair.

When We Mean Business (Look 2)
We're not suggesting you wear those sweat-soaked yoga pants to work, but a fresh pair, or even after moderate classes that didn't have your legs perspiring, the bottoms can be made to work for a professional look. Nude pumps and a structured jacket that covers the hip to conceal the waistband over that tank top is what you need. You could alternately slip into a sheer blouse because the jacket will give you the coverage you need. At this point, we'd slap on a watch and a bold lipstick, leaving the skin and hair free to give them some breathing time.

Raise A Toast To Post-Work Drinks (Look 3)
Now, here's where you pull out that mascara, do the cat-eye, and blush and brush for some impact. Simply ditch the jacket to reveal the tank top which can be accessorized with a statement-neckpiece to add some spunk. If you're going the sheer blouse way, an elegant pair of earrings are where it's at. You could also unbutton the blouse at the bottom and knot the ends for a fun, flirty look. As for the shoes, the nude heels from the at-work look should have you covered.

Brunch Diaries (Look 4)
You've got to love the casual-chic, easy-breezy tone about a brunch, and yoga pants fit perfectly in this setting. You could contiue with the tank or the sheer blouse, or slip into a floral tunic to mix it up. Honestly, at this point, it is the accessories that matter. A fedora or sun hat paired with dramatic sunglasses and flip-flop slip-ons is where it's at. Feel free to throw on some chains, bracelets, rings, or even body chains for a chill vibe.

It’s no surprise that we’ve put a lot of thought into this, because, if we’re really being honest, we do love our yoga pants. They’re comfortable, soft and versatile and we wish we didn’t have to take them off, ever! And now that we know we really don’t need to (of course only to wash them), we probably never will.

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