From Root To Tip: How Long Does It Take To Repair Damaged Hair?

by Trina Remedios

We've all been there; walking out of the salon with the perfect straightening or styling job, colored locks, maybe a perm, and of course a douse of hairspray to keep it all in place.While in the moment it looks incredible and makes you want to plan an outing, just so that you can show-off your new do, have you ever noticed how after a wash, your hair appears drier, dull, singed even? No shiny locks here!Assess The Damages
There could be multiple reasons for hair damage, some of which include:

  1. Dehydrated locks
  2. Sun burn
  3. Aging (yes, your hair ages too)
  4. Chemical treatments
  5. Artificial additives in products
  6. Stressed locks (because of styling tools)
  7. Nutritional deficiencies
Repair The Damage
While all of the above can be treated and bettered with home remedies and natural solutions, nothing compares tothe health and glow of virginal hair, or simply put, untouched natural strandsfrom the root to the tip. For those who are wondering how long it takes to replace the cells in the shafts and rejuvenate the follicles to get thick hair growth, the answer lies within the lengths of your locks.Your hair grows .3 to .4mm each day, which approximates to about 6 inches per year. So, the next time you decide to sign up for a treatment, step back and assess whether it is worth the gamble, and if you are ready and equipped to deal with the consequences. Until then, it's time for us to get out of your hair.


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