How to Adjust Skin Care for the Cooler Months

by Nguyen Pham

Summer is behind us, the sun is dropping earlier and the air is cooling with each day. Is your skin ready for these changes? Many people stick with the same skin care routine year-round, but this has its limitations, as your skin changes with the seasons.

"Some people are happy to use the same stuff all year around," Dr. Karen Koh Australasian College of Dermatologists spokesman told the Huffington Post. "However, with extreme variations of temperature and humidity, others might find they need to change their products."

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Why does your skin feel different these days? The brisk air beats your skin down, those long, hot showers are dehydrating and, heating systems emit dry air. For many people, wearing more layers is an excuse to slack on lotion usage, which is a no-no. Here’s how to adjust your skincare for the fall, so you can feel plump and smooth:

Opt for Gentler Cleansers

Soap-based and foaming cleansers strip your skin, so Dove dermatologist consultant Ellen Marmur recommends that it might be time to use an oil-based cleanser, cleansers that have a creamy consistency, or those that contain hydrating ingredients like milk.

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Adjust Your Moisturizer

During the summer months, most people lean toward a lightweight cream. Do the reverse in the fall. Some prefer using oil-based moisturizers, while others add serum or oils to their skin along with a moisturizer. These different approaches depend on your skin type. A common rule of thumb is to find a moisturizer that contains more cream than water.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water every day has many health benefits, one being that it keeps skin cells nourished from the inside. Another way to stay hydrated is to use alcohol-free toners after using a cleanser. Lizette Borreli of Medical Daily notes, "Basically, a toner is like giving the skin a drink of water."

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