The Rich Girl Hair Trend Is Super Easy & Cheap To Recreate

by Trina Remedios
Spotted on the runways of Versace, Gucci and Chloé at the New York Fashion Week, 'Rich Girl Hair' was the buzzword among stylists and models backstage. What's better is that the hottest hair trend of SS 2016 is surprisingly easy to recreate, and does not require any fancy tools, expensive hair sprays, or 30 minutes  of your time (about 5-7 minutes should cut it).

If you're wondering whether you've seen it before, then yes, just look to Kate Middleton, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and all three Jessica(s): Biel, Blunt, Alba for some inspiration. So, are you ready to recreate the the hottest hairstyle of the season? 

What Is Rich Girl Hair?

Simply put, the base of your hair around the crown is flat, shiny and sleek and starting from mid-chin or right under the jawline are random unstructured curls for the 'I woke up looking like this' look. It's like sandy beach hair got an upgrade to The Hamptons—very Upper East Side. 

How To Recreate The #RichGirlHair Look

Ideal for those with hair that's at least shoulder length (or longer) in order to make space for the curls, girls with naturally straight or wavy hair will find nailing this hairstyle easy-peasy. There are a couple of ways you can go about it:

The Long-Stay Rich Girl Hair
  • Once your hair is washed, run a heat-protecting serum through your locks.
  • Using a flat (paddle) brush, blow-dry your hair for a straighter texture; does not need to be poker straight.
  • Now take a 1.5 inch curling wand and create waves rolling the hair that extends under the chin. The waves should be random so possibly taking alternate locks is a good way to go. Also, they needn't be of the same length or curled inwards.
  • Comb out the curls with a wide-tooth comb so that the ends look like soft S-waves and not tightly wound ringlets.
  • Hold the style in place using a hairspray

The Everyday Rich Girl Hair
  • Wash your hair at night and run smoothing cream through your strands.
  • When your hair is about 95 percent dry, part it right down the center and roll each side into a loose bun at the top of your head, or at the nape of your neck. 
  • Sleep on it! Really, that's all there is to it. You'll wake up to soft waves at the ends and a straight and slick base around the crown. Refresh in the morning with some light combing, hand scrunching and hairspray.
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