Is Stress The Cause Of Your Hair Loss? Let's Find Out & Fix It

by Charlene Flanagan

Okay, don’t pull your hair out—stress will do that for you! In case you were wondering why your mane isn’t behaving itself lately, the problem could be stress.

Now, stress manifests itself in a number of ways—anxiety, exhaustion, lack of concentration, migraines, an upset stomach, nausea, sallow skin, dark circles, and yes, even hair fall.

If you’re experiencing hair loss due to stress, you have a condition known as telogen effluvium. If your body is going through some form of shock, stress or trauma, for example:

  • Pregnancy or childbirth
  • A significant physical injury
  • Vaccinations
  • Malnutrition from an unhealthy diet or excessive fad dieting
  • Intake of medication or antidepressants
  • A chronic or acute illness with fever
  • Jetlag
  • Surgery
  • Chronic emotional stress

All of the above could cause you to lose more hair than usual. Make note that it’s perfectly natural to lose between 90-100 strands daily. If they’re falling out in clumps and circling the drain, then you have a problem.

Find Your Fix With Some Extensive TLC
While it is not uncommon, it does help to care for your hair when your body is experiencing trauma. However, the usual hair masks, deep conditioning and basic haircare treatments will only take you so far. Here’s how you can reduce the hair loss in a more targeted manner:

  • Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and proteins, and fatty fish. All of their nutrients lend themselves well to strengthening of the follicles and reversing the damage.
  • Take a vitamin and mineral supplement if your doctor finds that you have any deficiencies of B12, iron, or folic acid
  • Treat hair gently, especially when styling and using heat appliances
  • Start a regular exercise program, for it helps reduce stress
  • Learn relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and guided imagery
  • Take a yoga class that targets the mane problem and improves blood circulation in the scalp

For what it’s worth, it’s important to take some time out, regardless of whether you’re stressed or not. After all, if you want to look and feel good, how you treat your body is what is going to help.

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