Is Your Eye Makeup Remover Causing More Wrinkles?

by Trina Remedios

Oh, those unsightly lines under the eyes, made only more prominent by puffiness and dark circles—they really have you reaching for the concealer and other beauty products to minimize their aging appearance.

Solutions with hydrating properties that blend well can spruce up your look, but it’s quite painful to apply them every morning, only to have to take them off every night. As much as you dread this cycle, its true viciousness lies within the friction burns of applying and removing makeup.

As we have earlier explained, you need a separate makeup remover for the eyes. That said, what’s interesting to note is that the product residue remains within the folds of your wrinkles, which is why you have to exercise much force when trying to clean out eye makeup.

This strips the area of natural oils, and considering that the under eye skin is extremely thin, lurking underneath the surface is irritated and inflamed skin that’s hot and bothered by your cleansing wipes and hand action.

End Result:

  • The makeup residue adds to the appearance of your dark circles
  • You increase the chances of breaking blood vessels in the area
  • Your makeup remover dehydrates the skin, leading to cracks and fine lines
  • Daily application and removal of makeup accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, and they creep up on you unsuspectingly

Side-Step The Problem

  1. Straight of the bat, restrict the use of eye makeup when not necessary—particularly products that are waterproof or water-resistant.
  2. Be sure to use an oil-based moisturizing remover.
  3. Use makeup removers formulated specifically for the eye area (they are usually sold as eye + lip makeup removers).
  4. Remove eye makeup as gently as possible. Saturate the wipe or cotton pad with the remover, and hold it to the eye for 5-10 seconds so that it dissolves the underlying makeup. Wipe in long sweeping motions in order to avoid friction; short, slight-handed jerkiness will cause inflammation. Be sure to clean off the residue and even minimal traces of makeup, using a Q-tip.

On an end note, always, always, be sure to use an eye cream or serum to cool down the skin once you’ve removed the makeup.

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