Is Your Smartphone To Blame For Wrinkles & Blemishes?

by Trina Remedios

Smartphones are a necessary evil of the new age. Can you imagine going anywhere without them? From storing your contact numbers and passwords to pictures and documents, the fear of losing your phone is a very real thing and it’s given rise to ‘nomophobia’, a condition that’s now recognized universally.

So, what could we say to convince you to go through a digital detox? Poor eyesight, restless sleep, heart rate fluctuations, bad posture are just some of the many recognized health problems caused by this bad habit you need to break. Adding a new one to the list to appeal to your vainer side, we’re here to tell you that your smartphone’s taking a major toll on your skin, too. Those breakouts and wrinkles could all be traced back to that dreaded phone.

But, how is that even possible? Read on to know all about it.
Wrinkles: Make note of how you squint your eyes to read what’s on that tiny screen, often when the lights are off and you’re in bed. Now, do this while looking in the mirror and you’ll be able to see the number of fine lines that surface around the eyes and the nose.
Temporary Solution: Use a bigger font, even though it may make you feel like an old lady,  it’s better than worrying about looking like one if you’re vain.


Acne: We were surprised when studies cited headphones as a new-age acne inducer, but the same logic applies to smartphones as well. Sweat, dirt, oil, and pollution get transferred to your phone through the course of the day.Researchers say that your cell phone is dirtier than the toilet seat as it gathers 10 times more bacteria, some of which comes in contact with your face. Gross, right? The sweat irritates the skin on your cheek and neck, and the germs cause pimples and rashes, the sources of which you will never understand.
Temporary Solution: Clean your phone every day; yes, every single day! You can use a soft cloth to do so on a daily basis, and on the weekend, really get in there with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, tackling each and every nook and corner of the phone, which should be stripped bare (no batteries, cover, and if possible, no keyboard, too).

The Pore Of The  Problem: When you hold the smartphone to your face for a long time, it rests on the skin and traps moisture which makes the skin oily. This causes the pore size to increase, and with all that lingering bacteria, it’s only time before dirt and grime start setting into those enlarged pores, making way for breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, facial inflammation and skin infections.
Temporary Solution: In real time, the only way to prevent enlarged pores is to have short conversations. For a weekly fix, here are some home remedies you can try.


PigmentationDiscoloration and pigmentation are often caused due to lack of ventilation and because of increased friction. Both these are very common when you’re on your smartphone, so don’t be surprised if your skin looks dull over a period of time; no, it won’t lose color overnight.
Temporary Solution: If your conversation is running long (over 10 minutes), pick up your earphones (not headphones) and put that handset in your pocket.

Double Chin & Sagging Neck: You want to know what’s causing that double chin? Don’t just blame fatty food;sagging jowls, a drooping neck, and double chin can all be traced back to poor posture while you’re on your phone. Staring down at gadgets creates multiple folds in the skin and breaks down the collagen in the neck area.
Temporary Solution: Sit/stand straight, look up, and even if it looks crazy, hold your phone at eye level.

Now, the reason why we’ve called our corrective measures temporary solutions is because some of them may feel unnatural and not come very easily to you. Even if you can’t wean off your smartphone, which we completely understand, try not using it as much during bedtime, opt for headphones whenever possible, and get your digital fix on the laptop for the sake of your skin.

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