True Jewelry Lovers Must Follow Blogger Liza Urla

by Charlene Flanagan
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We’re thinking, nah, let’s not limit our friends circle to just diamonds. Can we have the emeralds, rubies and sapphires sitting at your table too, please? Well, with blogger Liza Urla you get to learn about an array of baubles, mid-priced, high street, luxury and branded, from all around the world.

Having been awarded the Best Blog in the Fashion Category at UK Blog Awards 2015, Liza's Gemologue is a treat for all jewelry lovers, and especially for those who are truly passionate about their rocks. 

We : Liza Urla, who is a London-based and NYC-educated gemologist, jewelry writer, stylist, creative muse, and founder of Gemologue. Her feed features gemstones and accessories from different cultures at varied price points, and she even throws in some exclusive releases, interviews with jewelry czars, and reviews of new collections into the mix.

Liza's credibility can be attributed to the fact that she is an actual gemologist (gemology degree in diamonds and colored stones from NYC), and her uniqueness is credit to the lengths and locations she will go to,  in order to unearth these jewels from around the world. Urla contributes content to Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and has even done one-off stints as an art director for various publications.

What You Can Expect:

  • This blog is a well-informed, well-curated and interesting collection of Liza’s affiliation with gems and jewelry designers.
  • Her natural talent for aesthetics combined with her in-depth knowledge of fine jewelry is evident in her many posts where she takes on big brand collections to discuss cultural influences.
  • Liza celebrates fine, costume and vintage jewelry through her reviews and interviews, and features her exquisite global discoveries, trendy urban street style, and gives you a glimpse into what a day in the life of Liza Urla entails.

  • High resolution pictures on a Pinterest board-like display make browsing through the blog a visual treat that will have you saving up to get your hands on the accessories she features.
  • She does product reviews which is key for buyers who may not have the in-depth knowledge Liza does to expertly judge the worth of the stone, finish, base metal, setting, etc.
  • She also shows you how to pair statement pieces with your ensemble for maximum impact in her 'Get The Look' section.  
  • Discover new jewelry designers at Gemologue as Urla gets you some authentic insights with one-on-one interviews with the up and coming lot.
  • Also, if you're wondering where to shop for your treasure chest and what's actually worth your money, Liza's travel blog posts serve as the perfect guide and will help you bring the right bling home from your many adventures.

What Everyone Will Love:

Here's the classiest, most tasteful jewelry curated from around the world for your viewing and reviewing pleasure—what’s not to love?

Also, Liza's posts appear to have your best interests at heart. She's not here just to patronize big brands; the girl tells it like it is.

And if you’re wondering how to pick an engagement ring, how to style an outfit with the right jewelry, what to look for when buying diamonds, cool and funky statement pieces you should own, and most importantly, how to stay on trend, Liza’s blog answers all your questions.

Perhaps it’s the fact that she looks like a cross between Blake Lively and Amber Heard; perhaps it’s her accent, we don’t know, but there’s something absolutely engaging about Liza Urla.

If you have discovered a jewelry blogger worth stalking too, do write in and let us know!

Images Via Instagram/Gemologue
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