Easy Steps To Start Making Your Own Clothes

by Renee Mitson

If creating things is what makes you happy, then follow your bliss and take a minute to consider rebooting your wardrobe. 

Many of us dabble in the occasional home decor DIY project, or a classic #ikeahack, but clothes generally seem to be a more daunting task. We say, take a crack at creating your own threads with some of these digital resources: 

Tilly and the Buttons

This is one of the cutest websites out there, and it’s chock-full of resources to get you started making clothes. Tailor, teacher and author, Tilly Walnes hosts online webinars and video tutorials on sewing basics, and how to use machines. Once you get an understanding of how to get going, Walnes has an inventory of colorful patterns for you to purchase and practice with. 

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All Free Sewing

Once you’re a little comfortable and know your bobbin from your spool pin, you’re ready for All Free Sewing. This site has hundreds of free e-books, patterns, and tutorials for everyone from amateurs to pros to peruse. This is a recommended second step, because you’ll have enough know-how to decipher a pattern that’s within your skill set. 

For further inspiration, enthusiasts recommend these tutorial sites and blogs from happy women and men in the industry: So Sew Easy, Sew Can She, Sew Mama Sew, and Melly Sews

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Fabric Proprietors 

Educated sewers tend to turn their attention from learning to producing. Creating a beautiful piece of clothing begins with top-notch fabric. We’re partial to the fancy and posh online distributor  Mood Fabrics, and funky-bohemian patterns found on sites like Spoonflower.  

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Have more resources for learning how to make your own clothes? We’d love to read them in the comments section below. 

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