Manicure Tutorial: DIY Shattered Glass Nails

by Charlene Flanagan

We consider ourselves relatively sharp people. And by this we mean that we’re on top of almost every beauty and fitness trend that’s doing the rounds.

This time, we’ve stumbled upon a trend that has shattered all expectations—in a good way. For all those who loved the negative space nails, it would interest you to know that the broken glass talons come knocking from the same quarters, as Korean nail artist Eun Kyung Park gives the beauty industry, yet another glamorous do.

The prismatic reflections in jewel tones are perfect for the festive season and should definitely be a must-try for the holidays. You can jazz it up by doing different color alternates, conforming to the monotone, or playing up the shattered glass look on just the index finger.

To make it your own, here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

Image Via Instagram/#shatteredglassnails

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