Manscaping: You Should Try It, No Really! (We’ll Even Show You How)

by Karishma Roye

If you take away the ‘metrosexual’ tag, manscaping really isn’t that big a deal. It may have felt unnatural when cavemen were still sexy, and till date, we understand that there are many women who prefer boys with some hair, here, there and everywhere for a gruff and ‘manly’ look.

But, if you, or your lady, aren’t too keen on those unruly strands below the belt, get rid of them without a second thought. In fact, while you’re at it, you can take care of the hair on your chest, arms and legs, too; if you so feel inclined.

It’s Hygienic
One major reason to consider getting rid of all the excess hair on your body is hygiene. Manscaping makes you less prone to body odor and infections. While it’s not the hair itself that smells, body odor is caused by bacteria that grow in wet, enclosed conditions. Hair reduces the flow of air exchange and traps sweat which supports the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

The armpits, for instance, are prone to intense sweating (and can raise up a stink), and might even leave sweat stains on your favorite clothes. Why face all that embarrassment when all it takes is two minutes to do away with hair you don’t need?

The Oral Test
To put it politely, much like you’d prefer a kempt bush on your lady, she too, would like you to take matters into your own hands, particularly if you’re the kind of couple that enjoys going down town. Getting rid of the fuzz may feel odd at first, but soon you will come to enjoy the added sensation that comes with some neat carpeting.

It IS So Manly!
The US Department of the Army in The Soldier’s Guide (2007), under ‘Hygiene and body grooming’, notes: “Soldiers will maintain good personal hygiene and grooming on a daily basis. Not only is this an indicator of a disciplined soldier, but also demonstrates respect for others and for the uniform.” Yes, soldiers do it, too!

Also, trimming or removing body hair has long been popular among athletes because it is believed to provide a slight competitive edge. In the case of swimmers, cyclists, and track stars, body hair can slow them down by causing drag or minimal wind resistance. Wrestlers get rid of hair so their opponents will have less to grab onto while fighting for a win. Doesn’t get more manly than that, does it?

The Rules To Trim & Shave
Step 1: If you have really thick growth, trim with a small pair of scissors that can help you get in there and maneuver your way around.
Step 2: Use an electric trimmer to thin the hair down to a fairly uniform density. Start with your chest, move on to your underarms, and legs, too if you like.
Step 3: You can opt for a close shave with a razor on parts that are easily accessible and not susceptible to nicks and cuts (hands, legs, chest, underarms).

For Your Crown Jewels
Yes, we’re talking about THAT vital organ, you will have to start off with a trimmer, and “polish it clean” with shaving cream and a razor with a fresh blade. Shave in the direction of the hair growth—it’ll take longer, but it’s less likely to nick you and leave you with ingrowth.

Sometimes, it’s easier to take a body part at a time while in the shower. One day shave your chest, the next your legs. Rinse with cool water to close the pores.

Or, You Could Leave It To The Professionals & Go The Waxing Way
A full-body wax (and yes, we mean even down there) is very commonplace in new-age salons and is up on offer to not just women, but men, too.  Now, needless to say that it will be more painful than shaving but, it will also be less tedious, last for four to six weeks, and help get rid of the hair on your back, shoulders, and booty, too. That said, it is the expensive choice and could leave you with breakouts and rashes if your skin is sensitive so do a test patch first.

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