Pretty Spring-Summer Hair Accessories Under $35

by Charlene Flanagan
We’ll cut right to the chase—as the temperature rises, you can't help but sport an up-do because your hair on your neck can be annoying. Well, instead of sweating it out over those stray strands, try these cute hair accessories that are begging to spring into motion and hold that hair in place.

ASOS Pack of 8 Metallic Paper Flower Hair Grips

If there’s one way to travel back in time where your mom would finish off your pigtails with those absolutely adorable butterfly clips, it’s with hair grips. While so much more chic, stylish, and sophisticated than what the little you were used to, these floral hair grips are pretty, feminine, and perfect for those French, waterfall or fishtail braids. Besides, if you’re looking to pin down those flyaways then for $15, these hair grips are a steal. You can buy them here.

Daisy Hair Barette By Forever 21

For a measly $2.90, the hair accessory is the easiest way to make a cute statement this spring-summer. Clasp one side of your hair up, use it to accessorize the head of your ballerina bun, or even to pin down the half braid that sits on your loosely tousled locks—the faux daisy barette is just what you need. You can buy it here.

Claire's Hair Fascinator

Perfect for a wedding, the races or even a garden party, this navy blue mesh fascinator by Claire's can look a lot more expensive than its $10 price tag if you just know when and how to wear it. Take cue from the ladies on the social circuit, the royal family, and even celebrities for some mane inspiration. The mini fascinator will work best when clipped slightly off-center, so that's your first style tip right there.

Galantries Bobby Pin Set

Whether you choose to wear your hair in an up-do or leave it loose by your shoulders, if you’re looking to make a statement at a formal event, you need to take things up a notch with jeweled hair accessories. These bobby pins with a gold tone base serves as the perfect canvas for the stones that dazzle under the lights. For a set of 6 pins at $34, you’re definitely making an investment in style. You can buy them here.


The Flamingo Knot Headband At Etsy

We love Etsy. Such a treasure trove for all things handmade, elegant and pretty at affordable rates, like this printed knot band for just $8.50. Not bad, right? Available in five sizes to crown all heads in the realm, the performance knit fabric is perfect to contain those sweat beads along your temples. Also, how pretty would this look with a summer maxi dress? You can buy it here.

Metal Garland Tie-Back Hairband

This twisted beauty with leaf motifs can lend a touch of romance and Victorian charm to your outfit. Perfect for loose or styled hair, the garland band is adjustable and can be tied into the hair or around the head, whichever you prefer. For $20 you can buy it here.
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