Get To The Root Of Hair Loss With This Simple Rinse

by Charlene Flanagan

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to lose hair. Problem is, everybody does, whether they like it or not. While 100 strands (give or take) is the daily count when it comes to hair loss, if you find yourself navigating clumps or having to snake the drain every two days, you could have a serious problem.

But, before you seek medical help, perhaps you could try a few natural remedies. After all, why waste money on unnecessary pills or lotions when you can deal with hair loss in an organic way?

There’s Nothing A Little Licorice Can’t Fix!
We’ve already given you a lesson on how you can Use Licorice Root To Treat Skin Problems, Big & Small. Now, we’re at the crosshairs of its mane advantages (sorry, that one got away from us). Reeling it in, licorice can treat hair loss, dandruff, chemical damage, you name it! For some targeted solutions, these directives will help steer you right:

  • If you have unnatural hair loss (upward of 100 strands), we recommend you start sipping on licorice teas or use licorice-based hair products. Much like peppermint, the menthol quality of licorice stimulates the hair follicles, giving you healthy and natural growth.
  • For those whose hair growth rate is slower than usual, licorice-based products work great.
  • Licorice root extract can also be used as a natural shampoo as it regulates sebum production. This is a great save for those with oily hair.
  • In fact, it is effective in treating all hair and scalp-related issues. This is because the root is rich in B-complex vitamins, choline, phosphorus, potassium, phytoestrogens, flavonoids, amines, essential oil, protein, and fat. These elements and compounds have been found to be effective in promoting good hair and scalp health.


Make  Your Own Licorice, Milk & Turmeric Rinse To Stimulate Hair Growth

  • 1tsp licorice powder
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2tsp turmeric powder

In a cup of milk, add the licorice and turmeric powders and mix well. Massage this mixture thoroughly onto your scalp just before bedtime. Use a shower cap after you have applied the milk and keep it overnight. Wash your hair as you normally would the next morning.

Make note that for best results, you’ll have to use the mix at least three times a week. Over the course of the month, you should be able to see a visible difference. That said if the problem persists, we recommend you see a trichologist.

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