NFL Players Doing Their Daughters’ Hair Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

by Trina Remedios
Thank you Pantene, for this adorable series of NFL players styling their daughters' locks, because watching grown, brawny men play daddy dearest to the apple of their eye is hands-down the best thing we've seen in a long time.

If you thought Beyonce's halftime performance was a visual treat, the 'Dad-Do' ads will knock your socks off as hilarity ensues when the likes of Deangelo Williams and Benjamin Watson play hairdressers to their darling daughters. This one's a nail-biter because no ordinary ponytails will do; boy, these little munchkins are hard to please.

1) Deangelo Williams vs Rhiya Williams: The running back for the  Pittsburgh Steelers devises a new plan of attack when his little cutie says no to the easy-peasy ponytails he dishes out on the regular. Twisted pigtails, it is! Going in with a detangler and comb to tame Rhiya's thick locks, just as Deangelo secures the end zone with a band to tie-off her braids, a last-minute request for some pretty bows throws him off-course. Will he score a touchdown and get his daughter's approval? Watch the ad, won't you.

2) Benjamin Watson vs Grace Watson: Make way for the Who-Dad-Do, as this 1st grader gives her papa a thumbs-up for the braided pigtails her twin Naomi Watson seems to approve of, too. The tight end of the New Orleans Saints revels in some father-daughter bonding with his little girl, who is happy to give her dad a do-over when he ties all but a stray lock of her hair that's hanging loosey-goosey in the end. Shhhh... mommy can't find out.

3) Jason Witten vs Landry Witten: No white and blue to support the Dallas Cowboys; this little girl wants her purple bows, and daddy's hilariously failing at nailing the ballerina bun, and the braids! After two penalties, the tight end resorts to simple pigtails; just don't look in the back, for there's not a sign of a clean hair parting on the little girl's head.

While we continue to 'aww' and 'sigh' over these cute commercials, why don't you share a video of your #DadDo, too?
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