Peptides: Why Everyone Is Talking About This Anti-Aging Ingredient

by Vanessa Luis

There’s a new buzzword raising curiosity among the beauty community, and it goes by the name of peptides. If you’re a skincare enthusiast or someone who keeps track of trends, you must have surely come across this so-called ‘miraculous anti-aging ingredient’.

Many companies have begun using peptides in their products claiming that the miracle worker can lift saggy skin, get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes, and plump-up your lips too. Let’s delve deeper into the subject:

The What? How? & Why?
Peptides are amino acids that occur naturally and are the building blocks of the protein collagen. Although our skin produces collagen naturally and in abundance when we’re young, it begins to decease as we get older. This is why our skin then begins to get thinner and wrinkled. Using lab-engineered peptides as an ingredient in anti-aging products has shown promising results when applied to your skin, as they can stimulate collagen production. This then helps your skin repair itself and maintain its youthful glow.

While research suggests that peptides show considerable results in terms of anti-aging, calling it ‘a magical ingredient’ or ‘a secret to wrinkle-free skin’ seems like an overstatement generated by the cosmetic industry.

Your skin is a complex organ and there can’t be one single quick-fix solution. To keep it nourished and youthful, you must take a more holistic approach. Healthy eating plays a major role in skincare, as does regular exercise. Peptides  today are what retinol and antioxidants were yesterday; a buzzword that will have its moment in the sun, and then blend into the background like all the others.


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