Prep Your Skin For The Gym Like Jessica Alba

by Charlene Flanagan

We’ve been following the actress closely on social media—Twitter, Facebook, and especially Instagram. We know she loves her healthy breakfast alternates, and loves her workouts even more.

Now and again, she even slips in a post about her beauty venture, The Honest Company, which is currently busy working on organic skincare products that are eco-friendly and free from animal testing. But, her recent revelation of wearing makeup to the gym definitely has us raising an eyebrow, because we’re all for keeping it clean when sweating it out. In fact, in our list of gym bag skincare essentials, there’s not a speck of makeup on the radar.

“For those of us who go to classes, it could mean a solid 45 minutes of staring at yourself in the mirror!” she admits in a personal account on

Here’s what Jessica’s per-workout skin prep includes:

  • She makes sure to start with a clean face. By this, she means using a gentle exfoliator to get rid of any dry, flaky skin in order to get rid of the dead skin cells.
  • Next, Alba uses a few drops of face oil or moisturizer. If you’re going to apply makeup, make sure the oil or cream you use gets absorbed by the skin quickly. You could try some of these face essences.
  • Now, here’s something we could get on board with—organic lip balm. “Put a spot of lip balm on. You’ve got to stay soft, even when it’s a hard workout,” says Alba.
  • Finally, she admits to curling her eyelashes. We don’t see why you’d need to curl your eyelashes, but to each his own.

Apart from these four basics, the actress also likes using a light eye cream or moisturizer. “[It helps to] get a dewy look without clogging pores,” she says. And when it comes to her hair, it’s up-dos all the way. “At hot yoga, it’s all about keeping my head (and hair) up and my skin clean,” she admits.

For what it’s worth, we don’t think makeup is needed when you hit the gym. However, if you’re concerned about those gym selfies, perhaps this post-workout skincare routine might help.

Image Via: Instagram/Jessica Alba

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