This Rainbow Highlighter Is Going Viral On The Internet

by Charlene Flanagan
All you highlighting and contouring lovers, take note: The product of the season is a Prism highlighter you've probably never seen before but must get your hands on immediately. This is not a drill!

The rainbow face luminizer by Bitter Lace Beauty has created quite the stir on the beauty circuit in one short week. Owner Jenna is being hounded to restock this handmade palette for sale on Etsy, because people are freaking out over it.

Could this signal the advent of rainbow makeup in general? Well, media channels like Allure, PopSugar, InStyle and Teen Vogue sure seem to think so. As for the Prism palette, here's why everyone's loving it so much.
  • The  diffused glow of the luminizer has an ethereal appeal; almost like fairy dust.
  • Swiped across the cheek, the myriad colors glisten under the light for a gradient effect. 
  • To tone down the colors, simply buffing the product in a little more will create a clear silver shimmer.
  • Also, rainbow highlighting is a game changer for those who love strobing and contouring. The glow is unparalleled and the hues and saturation are unlike any other. 
  • The Prism works great on all skin tones as has been reported by users who've been uploading swatches on their hands to offer their tried-and-tested stamps of approval.
  • The Prism is a handmade magnetic palette, one of many from Jenna's line of cosmetics, which makes for a great addition to your beauty kit (we love the Z palette for depotted products).
  • No matter how hard you dig into the palette, one sweep with the soft brush and the rainbow resurfaces, almost as good as new.
While Prism is a top-seller, Bitter Lace Beauty also has an array of rainbow palettes that are worth a try if you like the looks of this one. With names like Pocket Full of Rosies, Gleam & Glow, New Seashells Mermaid Purple, Unbirthday Rainbow and more, we can hardly wait for the next restock. They comes in a variety of sizes, too. For those who want to find their fairytale fix, check out her Etsy shop.

Image via Instagram/Bitter Lace Beauty
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