Real Life Rapunzel Grows Hair To Donate It

by Z Living Staff
When was the last time you cut your hair? Yesterday? Last week? How about 2003?

Word has recently spread of Dashik Gubanova Freckle, the real-life Repunzel who hasn’t cut her hair in over a decade. Her instagram photos are incredible, detailing many different stylings from perfect braids to flowing waves.

Every photo shows off her absolutely perfect hair, proving once and for all that it is possible to keep (very) long locks clean, shiny, and stunning. In fact, she’ll show you how to do it. In addition to regular photos of her hair stylings, she also posts photos of the products she’s using to stay so fresh and so fine to her 133,000 IG followers. 

According to Today, Dashik plans to cut and donate her long hair in a few years, once it’s had a chance to grow down to her toes. From there, she plans to share the love by donating it.
Not many adults have the time or patience to maintain a complicated beauty regimine, but if you commit to the long hair, Dashik shows us just how lovely they can be. Take a look at these photos below. What a beautiful lady!

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