Zoom Into Red Carpet-Worthy Nails With Our Mani Cam

by Charlene Flanagan

When you think of red carpet events, the first things that come to mind are the show stopping gowns, angelic hairstyles, high-end shoe labels and, of course, diamonds that blindside you. Adding to the list was the the E! network's mani cam at the Oscars, which has now been pulled off citing 'sexism' as a reason. Well, to the nail art lover in me, this was quite unsettling because I loved to marvel at the trendy shapes and lacquers that made for great additions to my Pinterest board.

So, in memory of the mani cam and looking forward to the upcoming Awards' season, I've pulled together a few celebrity looks from my board that you can 'nail' (pun intended) with ease. There are also some uber-glam versions on my wishlist, so keep an eye out for them.

Are you ready for your red carpet mani cam tutorial?

Anne Hathaway—Pretty In Pink
The brunette beauty paired her Gucci strapless gown with some baby pink nails which were a far throw from the bold reds most women pair their black ensembles with. Now, I found this a tad muted to my taste, and honestly, I'm a scarlet lover myself so I recommend mixing your reds and pinks for an ombre do. Subtle shade-shifting can give your nails a pretty cool effect.

Creating Your Ombré Sensation
Gather your materials: A light pink polish, a dark pink polish and a makeup sponge. Feel free to use any other colors you may prefer. Start with the lighter shade of lacquer on the base. Use 2-3 coats and let it dry thoroughly. Once dry, paint your makeup sponge with the light polish and dark polish into equal halves, and simply dab over the nail to create a gradient effect. Once you’re satisfied with the two-tone effect, finish with a clear top coat. This will give you the smooth finish you can see in the image.

Kelly Osbourne—Specs Of Gold
She looked stunning in her beige and off-white  Badgley Mischka, complete with gold embellishments on that mermaid silhouette. Kelly stayed true to the palette with her manicure, too, lining the tips of her French manicure with a shimmery gold polish.

Creating The Not-So-Typical French Mani
Start off with clean nails. Place a piece of tape, just where the nail bed ends and your nail starts to grow. Make sure you haven’t taped over the growing nail. Simply take a gold lacquer (the hue can vary from subtle to ostentatious) of your choice and paint the tips and let them dry. Then, peel away the tape and paint over with the transparent gold/shimmery coat. You could line your tips in a similar fashion with any color you like. I, personally, would do mine with an aquamarine blue or a fuchsia pink to jazz up the understated French manicure.

Jessica Biel—Red Hot
When you've got Chanel for your wardrobe and diamonds from Tiffany's, the only way to jazz up your ensemble is to go fiery red with your nails. Given that her gown was from the neutral palette, adding a scarlet splash to her tips was a good way to introduce some color and make those diamond rings pop!

Creating A Fiery Sensation With Minimal Effort
First timers, say hello to nail art stencils. They're easily available online and can make your talons look glamorous in seconds. Paint your nails a bold red, like Jessica. Once dry, place stencils on the nails you want to get graphic with (you can do a couple, or all of them). Now, paint over the stencil to get clean lines for your choice of design. Let it dry, and simply lift the stencil to reveal the look.

My Personal Experiment—Go For Gold
You may want to go all out during the awards season, and what better way to do it than with a pot of gold? Get two gold nail paints (one shimmery, the other metallic), and a few gold beads of different sizes. Paint over four nails with the shimmery polish; leaving your ring finger. Use two-three coats (or as needed), and let it dry thoroughly. Paint the nail of your ring finger with the metallic polish. Again, use as many coats to give the nail complete coverage. Let your nails dry. Now, here’s the fun (and tricky part). You’ll need a steady hand for this. Leaving your thumb and little finger, paint the three nails with a transparent coat and place the gold beads (at random) to give your nails a little bling. Let it dry before you finish it off with a transparent coat. You could alternately just use stick-ons.

My Personal Experiment—Silver Streak
For a simple, no-fuss nail job that packs a punch, try this silver mani. You’ll need a shimmer and metallic polish to achieve the look. Paint over four nails, leaving your ring finger, with the shimmery polish. Alternatively, you could use the metallic polish on four nails, and leave the shimmer for the ring finger. It’s really up to you. Use two-three coats (or as needed), and let it dry thoroughly. Paint the nail of your ring finger with the metallic polish. Again, use as many coats to give the nail complete coverage. Let it dry before you finish it off with a transparent coat. Voila! Your Oscar-worthy nails are ready for that mani cam (or Instagram selfie?).

Like what you see? Here's a guide to nail art tutorials we've covered so far. If you have some more designs in mind that fit the bill, send us a  snapshot on our social media. We’d love to see them!

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