Repair Your Skin With This Jasmine Night Cream Recipe

by Z Living Staff

The jasmine oil in this beauty solution lends far more than just a scintillating fragrance. The ingredient works as the perfect skin nutrient that will restore your natural glow overnight. Perfect for dry and dehydrated pores, the elixir can help treat dermatitis and eczema, too.

Here, we share with you a beauty recipe that makes for a useful night cream to repair the damage the day has done to your skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles.


  • 1oz unscented base cream
  • 6 drops jasmine essential oil
  • 6 drops rose essential oil
  • 6 drops neroli essential oil

Simply mixing all the ingredients together and massaging the solution into your pores is all you need. Use light-handed circular motions to invigorate, but not irritate the skin. Leave it on overnight and wash with lukewarm water the next day for a renewed vibrancy.

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