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There’s no denying that fashion is universal. However, style is what sets you apart. And while personal style depends on one’s choices, we do need a little help to stay up on trends. To be clued into what’s hot, most people look to fashion magazines, or for quicker consumption—blogs.  Enter: Sandra Hagelstam, the blogger who's turning heads for her sassy style and unparalleled love for heels.

This 24-year-old fashion blogger hails from Finland, but lives in London. Sandra's 5 Inch and Up blog is pretty much followed by fashionistas worldwide. Here's all you need to know about the new 'IT' girl.

We : Sandra Hagelstam has a loyal following of over 150 thousand viewers and we wait with baited breath for her every update. When you look through her blog posts or scroll through her Instagram feed  one thing is certain: this girl has got some serious style. Dressed from head to toe in the latest trendy pieces, high-end and highstreet brands, Sandra chronicles her fashion adventures as she travels the world, something she’s been doing since November 2010. That’s six years of her life documented for your styling pleasure. What’s not to love, right?

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Sandra confesses: "I've always been the girl to change outfits three times a day, as I tend put a bit too much thought in to the clothes and shoes I wear (or wish I was wearing). I also really like the concept of blogging where anyone can present their ideas in such a free format.” 

She's your daily fashion fix. Plain and simple. There’s no fuss, no guessing—it’s all pretty clear. Visit her blog and you’ll be overwhelmed by posts of her daily style adventures. The best part about her  outfits isn't her incredible shoe collection or an enviable stash of designer handbags, though both are seriously impressive. As she so matter-of-factly puts it, “It is not to be taken too seriously—it's my visual diary and I am honored to have readers get inspired by my interpretation of street trends and personal style.”

For those who like to mix it up, Sandra is a big fan of contrasts in terms of color, flow of fabric, textures, everything! This results in interesting ensembles that will help you stand out in a crowd. “It's such a mix of what I see and what I feel like. Think messy hair with an evening dress or beautiful jewelry and high heels with a casual t-shirt,” she says.

What Everyone Will Love

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. After all, that’s what’s inspired the name of her blog! "5 inch and up" represents the heel height,” she explains to Teen Vogue. And that can only mean one thing—big name brands and their coveted shoes. Every girl’s dream!

This full-time student at London College of Fashion is currently earning her design degree. So expect even more greatness from her on the horizon. The proof is in her output: Sandra designed an Autumn-Winter footwear collection with River Island back in 2014, and is on board with Nelly.com for her very own signature collection that is slated for launch next spring.

Watch out for this trendsetter!

Images Via Instagram/5 Inch and Up
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