We're Loving The Footmoov Fitness Tracking Shoes

by Trina Remedios
Footmoov, an Italian sportswear brand, has recently released a gorgeous pair of running shoes called UNDERFOOT SYSTEM®. These shoes go far beyond the traditional gym sneakers and trainers and come in four style alternates: casual, sporty, dressy, or formal. Each style makes the most of the shoe's luxe materials, lightweight construction, cushioning, grip and style.

Are these a sturdy pair of running shoes or a smart controller for your feet? Apparently, both! 

The makers of this product have cleverly concealed the ingenious essentials within the construction of the shoe. With a built-in USB to recharge the receptors, you're basically a walking-talking fitness tracker. Even better, there's no need for wires, accessories, clips, or bands when you're wearing these shoes, enabling you to run hands-free. 

And the cool techy-ness doesn't stop there: these shoes don't just have motion sensors, but pressure sensors, too. What's a pressure sensor you ask? It lets you track your activity, running form, pace count, and gait angles and arches—that's a whole lot more than a standard pair of running shoes or your standard wearable fitness band. It's basically like having a running coach in your shoes. 

The Footmoov syncs to both Android and iOS platforms with a supportive app to track how many calories you burn, the distance you've covered, and the effort level of your activity. 

Each of these four stylish varities are priced between $194 and $250. If you're a runner, this may just be worth the investment.
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