#StoneNails Are Having Their Moment On Instagram

by Charlene Flanagan
After #AquariumNails, the #ShatteredGlass trend, and OscarManicures, the latest mani trend that has caught our fancy are stone nails. And getting on the #StoneNails bandwagon will be easy-peasy. 

How To Get The #StoneNails Look

  • First, paint your nails a solid white and let them dry completely. This is your base coat.
  • Next, scribble using a colored marker or sharpie on the base of the shot glass, drop a bit of rubbing alcohol on it (2-3 drops for a darker color, or 5-6 drops for a lighter variation), and you will have yourself colored water. Make individual batches for two or three colors.
  • Using a fine-tipped paintbrush, simply take a dip out of the colored water and blot on the nails in a free-handed motion; let them dry.
  • Move over to the next color and do the same thing. You will see that this creates a marbelled effect as the water colors diffuse in random shapes, hues, and saturation on your white nails. You can use one more color the same way for a bigger punch. Let the nails dry thoroughly before you move on to the final stage.
  • To finish, simply apply a transparent top coat, let it set and you’re done!
Confused? Here’s a video tutorial to help you out.

Now, if you want a marble effect, you can use brighter colors like pinks, blues, and oranges, but for a stone-like appearance, stick to earthy shades (grays and browns). 

And while it may seem quite complicated, you can actually achieve the look in under a minute (per nail, that is). The shortcut hack to #StoneNails in this video tutorial has to be our favorite. Quick, simple and easy to use, we can't wait to try the look this weekend and make our own little contribution to the Stone Nails hashtag on Insta; show us yours too, won't you? 


Images via Instagram/#stonenails
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