How To Stretch Your Favorite Skincare & Makeup Products

by Charlene Flanagan

We're big on DIY projects; especially when it comes to skincare and makeup. That's not to say we don't splurge on commercial products, although we do opt for organic and natural versions whenever possible.

If you, too, have made the transition, you'll be able to relate when we say that such beauty products are far more expensive than even some of the most popular mainstream brands. Your jojoba-infused, tea tree cleanser can cost anywhere between $15 and $150, depending on the company (the likes of Tata Harper, RMS Beauty, Dr Hauschka, and REN ranging on the higher side).

But, we're not ready to give up on our all-natural solutions yet, and have picked up some tricks to get a few more uses out of our expensive skincare and makeup products. These will work just as well  for any of your cosmetics, really.

Here’s How You Can Get Your Money’s Worth

  • Tip No 1: If you have just one or two uses left from your favorite foundation, don’t fret. Simply add a bit of your favorite face cream and create your very own tinted moisturizer or BB cream.
  • Tip No 2: Over time, your compact will appear hard or flaky (caused by the oils released from your skin). When this happens, simply place sticky tape over it and peal. You’ll have yourself a brand new compact. Well, in theory at least.
  • Tip No 3: You can get a great deal of use from your mascara, even after it’s dried out. Add a few drops of saline solution, shake well and it’ll be fluid and usable all over again! Alternatively, if you don’t have much left, simply place the mascara tube in a container of warm water. This will loosen up the solution and give you a few more uses.
  • Tip No 4: If you’ve broken your favorite lipstick or you’re at the end of the tube, scrape out the broken bits and combine them with Vaseline or beeswax. Empty this into a container and you have yourself a colored lip balm!
  • Tip No 5: Why waste those last precious drops of perfume? Simply pour them into a bottle of homemade lotion and you have yourself a fragrant moisturizer.
  • Tip No 6: All skincare products in tubes can be cut open from the uncapped side to release leftover solution. When you're at the very end, might as well dig out as much as you can.
  • Tip No 7: We often end up using more than we need, especially when it comes to moisturizers, serums, and eye creams; for a complete guide on how much is too much, read this article.

In the end, it's not about being cheap, thrifty, crafty, or obsessive. It's about making the most out of a good thing. We're not afraid to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to our skin, hair and makeup solutions, and neither should you be.

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