To Wake Up To A Gorgeous Hairstyle, Sleep On It!

by Trina Remedios

Enough with the curlers, and straighteners, and blow dryers, and tongs; all that heat can damage your cuticles, lead to split ends, dry out your strands, and pull your hair out from the roots even. Go back to the basics and use hair-ties to clip your strands in place overnight; Voila! You’ll have gorgeous locks, just the way you wanted, the next morning.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

Gradual Waves
With wet hands, gently dampen your locks. Now use a rubber band to pull your hair into a mid-head pony tail, and tuck-in the lose end of the ponytail a second time to form a loop bun. The longer your hair, the more loops you should ring in. Sleep on it, and the next morning, your hair should cascade into gradual waves, with the first one starting just below your brow line.

Soft Curls
Braiding your hair overnight is the way to go if you want this look. The finer the braids, the more ripples in your curls. You can go from a loose perm to loose curls, just by deciding how tightly-wound your braids will be. Although, avoid combing through this hair in the morning. It will loosen out the curls, and worse, the friction may lead to frizzy hair.

Straight Up
If your hair is naturally curly or short, this trick may not work. But, typically for those with wavy hair, just wetting your locks, and combing them down with a flat brush is half the job done. Once your strands dry out naturally, take them up from the forehead, and then down to the nape of the neck, tucking them under your shoulders and back. Sleep facing up all night, and that’s the key to some natural hair straightening.

Other tips like using satin pillows and sheets to avoid friction, and sticking to wide-tooth combs can also go a long way. Ditch the heat of hair products; instead, sleep on it.


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