Looking For Fashion-Forward Fitness Gear This Summer?

by Trina Remedios
Well, look no more! It's time to jumpstart your fitness program and what better way to do it than with some stylish threads on your back, electric colors on your shoes, and amped-up headphones for some summer funk. Here's what's on our shopping list; you can take your pick or buy them all to create the perfect head-to-toe look. 

Headband: We love headbands because they keep those flyaways in place, don't let the forehead get all sweaty, and prevent hair breakage. The Sweaty Bands' headbands are made from a no-slip material and have great traction. Priced between $5-$15, their latest collection features kaleidoscope prints in psychedelic colors and a grip-to-fit design. Our favorite? The one that says "Will Run For Wine"—of course, we will! You can even customize your headband so pick one (or many) here right away.

Sports Bra: Under Armour has introduced the Armour Breathe, a sports bra fashioned from breathable fabric so that your ta-tas aren't distressed when they're all clammed up against your body. The flexi-cut adapts to the contours of your breasts, preventing underboob sweat stains and rashes. The broad band on the back stays firmly in place so you won't have to keep readjusting them girls every 30 minutes. At $34.99, take your pick from a variety of colors.

Tank Top: A racer back is considered the best cut for tank tops and sports bras because its wide and centered design provides great support and coverege. Team your sports bra up with this round-neck tank for some layered color-play. The snug fit that skims your bottom will prevent overspills and 'oop's moments, while the stretch fabric will allow for freedom of movement. For $64, you can buy it at Nordstrom.

Shorts: If you're heading outdoors for a run, shorts make for the perfect bottoms in the summer. Lululemon has used sweat-wicking fabric for their go-to. Endeavor shorts that have reflective strips on the back pockets for drivers to be able to see you from a distance, even when it's dark outside. Interestingly, the brand claims the shorts boast of an SPF 50+ feature that will protect your skin. At $68, the seamless hem to minimize chaffing rounds up all the reasons we'd totally buy these shorts this season.

Yoga/Gym Pants: Wondering where you've seen these babies? Well, Kendall Jenner has popularized these super-flattering yoga pants by Lululemon because she basically lives in them! Available in six colors for $98 each, the high-risers perfectly tame your love handles and flatten out that stomach. They absorb sweat which means no chaffing, and the flexi-band won't leave your midriff with unsightly imprints that could flare-up into  a rash. Buy them here.
Socks: As much as we love those multi-colored socks with fun prints, when working out, comfort, fit, form, and function must take precedence. Darn Tough's latest features socks in a lightweight and durable vertex material that cushions your feet and keeps them dry. With weaves of Merino wool, a naturally antimicrobial fabric, you won't experience any odor build-up even though the padding is thicker to minimize impact when you land on your feet. For $17, you can buy them here.
Gym Bag: It's time to put that college backpack out of commission and upgrade to this stylish roll-top gym bag. Poler is the place for sturdy, practical and sleek bags that are multi-purpose. The Poler Rolltop allows you to adjust the size and minimize depending on the contents in your bag. Also, you can loop your towel, or even your bike helmet to the extensions on the sides. It looks refreshingly different, doesn't it? At $76.95, this buy will seem a tad expensive for a gym bag but then, that's not all you will be using it for; roadtrip or camping, anyone?

Water Bottle: Now, we've already given you some basic tips on the kind of water bottle you should be investing in for the gym. Well, here's one that fits the bill. Celebrity Carrie Underwood's Calia collection has a fruit-infuser water bottle—a novel concept we're absolutely loving for the summer. The detachable extension allows you to add your choice of fruits or vegetables which marry perfectly with the water to give you a flavored electrolyte refill. Easy to clean, durable and free from BPA and phosphate, this one's a steal at $30.

Headphones: Go wireless! Jaybird X2 is stylish, transmits music with clarity, and minimizes the noise from your surroundings. As with other headphones, you can answer calls using the X2. What makes them different is that you can regulate the equalizer to improve bass/sound clarity/treble, the snug fit is sweatproof and won't slip while you're running, the cushion padding sits comfortably in the ear, and the wireless can be exploited for eight hours before you have to recharge. The ultra-neon color and the studio-like audio is a funky way to tune into your music while you're working out. The Jaybird X2 is a pricey $179.95, but totally worth it.

Sneakers: Saucony's Kinvara 7 is all about comfort and easy fit. With ample padding and shock-absorbers, the impact on your knees when you run is considerably minimized. Built to grip the ground you walk on, we're loving that the shoes come in a variety of fun color alternates at the reasonable $110 price tag.
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