The Lived-In Makeup Trend Breaks The Cardinal Rule Of Skincare; Would You Dare?

by Charlene Flanagan

No matter how you look at it, whether you choose to wear makeup or go au naturel, there are certain dos and don’ts associated with the whole concept. More and more, you’ll read about celebrities like Lucy Hale, who wish they had the chance to advise their younger selves against sleeping with their makeup on. But on the flip-side, you have stars like Lady Gaga who believe there’s no harm done if you do, and endorse the caveman regimen.

Expert Speak
Not only will experts berate you for breaking this cardinal rule, there are numerous studies that back the claim that sleeping with makeup on accelerates the aging process. But when celebrities post selfies or write about their makeup-fueled workout sessions, it makes you wonder what to believe!

Yes, we know, the beauty world can be confusing. But this got us thinking. Would it really be so bad if we slept with makeup on? If you think about it, more and more brands are making products with all-natural, organic or even vegan ingredients, which only means that more natural extracts, essential oils and vitamins are going into cosmetics.

Make Up Your Mind
Now, it seems, taking into consideration that after hours of partying most women pass out before they can even get to the cleanser, a number of companies are formulating mascaras, eyeliners and BB creams that actually improve your skin as you sleep. Take for example the BB Night Beauty Balm from Dr Jart+. The product was developed to improve your skin while you sleep, blurring imperfections and brightening the tone overnight. In fact, most top brand mascaras claim to be infused with vitamin E oil that hydrates the lashes, while foundations are increasingly water-based and lightweight to let your pores breathe.

With arguments that are both for and against this trend, the key thing to assess is what becomes of all these ‘nourishing’ elements when they are mixed with sweat, dust particles, and bacteria and germs from our hands, tools and surroundings.

This is exactly why we urge you to take the lived-in makeup trend with a pinch of salt, and wait to see how it plays out before you start committing to bedroom eyes at night and raccoon eyes in the morning.

For what it’s worth, if this catches on, there’s perhaps no need to touch up your makeup if your weekend seems to have extended into the wee hours of that dreadful Monday morning. #JustSaying.

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