Surprisingly, This Kitchen Ingredient Can Stimulate Hair Growth

by Trina Remedios

Oil massages, coconut milk, rosemary, egg masks, hemp oil, and even yoga have been known to accelerate hair growth and have been used by those with thinning strands for years now.

But, what took us by surprise is that onion, too, is a worthy contender and can get the job done effectively. You use the vegetable for everyday cooking, not once considering what a great rinse it would make for your lifeless hair. Well, the next time around, keep all these hair-raising facts in mind and you'll find yourself stirring up our recommended hair growth solutions on the weekends.

Onions For Hair Growth

  1. Growth Component: Sulfur creates the chemical bonds that determine the health of your hair; lack of it causes the hair to fall. Onions contain a highly absorbent form of sulfur, methylsulfonylmethane, which results in hair growth.
  2. Bacteria-Free: Onions clear the scalp of infections, courtesy their anti-bacterial properties. A clean scalp promotes a healthy place for the hair follicles to grow and remain strong at the roots.
  3. Prevent Premature Graying: Your hair turns gray when the antioxidant catalase reduces. As you may have guessed, onions are a good source of it and therefore, come handy when you want to prevent premature graying.

Make Your Own Onion Hair Pack

  • 1 large onion
  • 1tbsp honey

Chop the onion and throw it in the blender. Take the pulp and squeeze the juice out in a bowl. In a separate bowl, take 2tbsp of the onion juice and add the honey. Stir well and apply the pack to your hair and scalp for 15 minutes. Use a shampoo to remove all traces of onion and honey. For best results, apply the solution once every week.

Hair loss is reversible if you provide the follicles with the right vitamins and minerals; and, onions have some of the most vital components to stimulate hair growth.

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