Top 5 Reasons We LOVE PopSugar

by Z Living Staff
By now you've probably heard the big news, we love PopSugar and couldn't be happier to be partnering with them on new programming. But we also kind of have a dirty little secret: we're TOTALLY ADDICTED. 

This eternally chic, always trendy, and remarkably relatable media outlet is like the big sister you kind of had, but secretly wished for growing up. She dishes out equally sound advice on boys, beauty, career, and social etiquette with the speed of a Jedi knight, and unlike the sister that many of us do have, she never gives you that annoyed eye roll that says "oh my God, I can't believe I'm related to you," before ditching you in the dressing room of Abercrombie & Fitch at the mall. 

Ok, so maybe we're projecting a little here from our own adolescence - and in all fairness our sister didn't actually ditch us, although I'm sure she tried - but we can't help but get warm fuzzies everytime we scroll through the latest Instagram posts from PS that inevitably connect us to a great article on their site. They just get us. 

So before we gush too much (we fully recognize we may have passed that point in paragraph one) we'll cut to the chase and give you our Top 5 reasons to love PS as much as we do and make it a daily social habit.

1. Style Inspiration That Never Fails

Whether it be the perfect combo of casual chic meets workplace appropriate, or that special night out inspo, PS lays on the fashion advice thick with narry a miss in their catalog. Their coverage of NY Fashion Week was pretty on point, and their tips for denim this fall are making us ready for warm temps and slouchy cropped jeans. 

2. Celebrity Anti-Gossip

So it may not be cooth to admit it, but a little celebrity gossip is sort of good for the soul, as long as it comes with a positive twist. Watching anyone's self-destructive downward spiral is a "no thank you" for us. But give us the latest celeb sipping a cafe au laite paired with skinny jeans and super chic flats while shopping in Paris? Sure we'll live vicariously for a moment. We like PS's style when it comes to treating celebs like the rest of us... like people that is.

3. They Bring The Yum

After all of that celeb peeping and fashion advice a girl's got to eat, and PS has got us covered. And let's just say they had us at "Nutella Stuffed Cronut Hole." From healthy recipes to indulgent splurges (see aforementioned cronut holes) their recipes run the gammot and certainly check the box for food that looks good enough to eat and maybe even make ourselves, we know! While we wait for scratch-and-sniff monitors to happen, we'll have to satisfy our 3pm cravings with the eye candy that PS food provides. 

4. Advice We're Actually Likely To Take

None of us is perfect, and all of us has turned to the internet now and again for advice on everything from dating, to career advancement, to "what do I wear today." There's no shame in getting a little digital assist and PS never fails in this department. Their tips on relationships, including a good dose of self-love, are of the variety that don't make our necks tense-up with thoughts of miserable failure, but instead have that shoulder relaxing effect that makes us feel like "we can do this." Real world advice from folks we actually believe have 'been there' and 'done that,' probably more than once.   

5. We Can Watch ClassFit Sugar On Z Living!

Yes, you heard right. Coming soon you'll be able to catch PS's awesome workouts from ClassFit Sugar on Z Living. We're thrilled to be partnering with this fitness powerhouse and look forward to getting our sweat on with PS, on the reg. We should probably find a way to stop fawning so much, I'm sure it will help when we're 5 minutes in to a calorie blasting routine. I mean how hard can it be to Boost Your Metabolism in 20 Minutes? We'll find out soon!

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