#Legit: Why You Should Ditch Your Haircare Products For #Hairceuticals

by Trina Remedios

They've been in the skincare industry for a while. VivierSkin, SkinCeuticals, and to some extent, Kiehl's too, are from the breed of cosmeceuticals which bring together the fancinessof commercial skincare products and the potent solutions from pharmaceuticals.

This wave hasfound its next peak in the haircare industry, where many are looking for remedial measures to reverse damage caused by styling, coloring, and straightening, or even to treat premature graying or genetic balding.

Say hello to #hairceuticals. A very legit breed of products that bottle key components of medical treatments, ingredients provided by pharmaceutical companies, and the pizzazz of commercial products, all in one package.

Yes, they don't smell as fancy (more medicinal), but they do for your hair, what regular shampoos and conditioners can't. From delivering high doses of protein, amino acids, and vitamin E, to restructuring your strands and treating that hair loss at the root level, hairceuticals are the way to go.

Understand The Magnanimity Of TheRevolution
Consider hairceuticals a kind of over-the-counter drugs, which hope to change the structure of your hair. If it's approved by the FDA (look for seal), chances are the product will be able to help you to a certain extent, if not 100 percent. Here's how it will impact your everyday life:

  • All those deep conditioning treatments and hair loss therapies you sampled at specialized salons can now be replaced by products that are easily available on the beauty shelves.
  • They do come at a premium price tag, but not quite as much as you would be paying at a clinic.
  • Trusted brands like L'Oreal Paris, Schwarzkopf, Kerastase and Kiehl's have their line of hairceuticals, you just have to ask the attendant. If you've ever seen the words 'activator', 'aminexil', 'volumizer' on the product, it's perhaps from this category.
  • These products are slightly more specific, and we recommend you read the label thoroughly to find out if it suits your hair's needs.
  • Adhere to the application method and recommended frequency of use, and always be sure to consult the attendant before you add the product to your list.
On an end note, get over the superficial and grow up. It should be about the health of your hair; not about how fancy your color job looks, or how springy those tongs make your strands. Join the club and embrace the age of #hairceuticals.
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