Trending: This Nike Ad Will Keep Running On Your Mind

by Charlene Flanagan

All it takes is a minute to make a point; one that has ably been done in Nike's latest video. This is definitely not a first for the brand (and hopefully won't be the last). Remember the #BetterForIt ad that hit home and spoke out loud, your innermost thoughts and insecurities from when you workout? Well, Nike's Latest does the same.

This one's dedicated to all you marathon runners; the one's who do it for charity, to get fit, or even just to challenge themselves. It's easier said than done, especially if youve never considered yourself athletic. Do you up and just run a marathon? Wouldn't that be something?

For all the times you only reached the half point mark, stopped to catch your breath as you clutched on to your cramping stomach, or picked yourself up again to take the next step toward the finish line, this video will make you feel like a god; and, rightly so! You are not a runner; you're especially not a marathon runner. But, at the end of this you will be!



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