#Trending: This Video Of How Smoking Affects Your Skin Will Scare You Straight

by Charlene Flanagan

Nobody wants to admit it, but there was probably a time you were curious about smoking—you may have tried it; you may not have wanted to—but you were curious, nonetheless. After all, all the cool kids did it, so why couldn’t you?

Whatever the reason behind choosing to smoke (or not)—boredom, stress, or the clichéd “regulation of bowel movements”—you’ve either tried it firsthand or have been a passive smoker. The truth is, all those statutory warnings are not lying to you. They’re trying to help you.

But, if health reasons aren’t enough to stop that disgusting habit, perhaps in the pursuit of all things vain, you would consider giving up smoking.

That’s exactly what this video hopes to achieve. Picture this: A makeup artist is called in to alter the appearance of three individuals, to show them how they’d age prematurely over the years, no thanks to those cigarettes. Well, by the end, it definitely at least had us convinced.

Because, here’s the thing. You can’t see what’s happening on the inside, to your organs, your body, your lungs; that’s what makes it so hard to care about that wheezing cough you wake up with every morning.

Also, all that graphic imagery on your cigarette packets; it’s not you, not anyone you know, heck, there isn’t even a face to those tar-filled lungs. (Maybe if someone was morbid enough to have your face superimposed on the graphic, then it’d hit home).

Until then, watch this video, for it makes a more compelling argument, as it shows you how smoking is ruining your skin.

The fine lines, flaky residue, yellow teeth, dark patches… after this, would you dare look at yourself closely in the mirror? For the sake of beautiful skin, kick the butt! If you need us to make a stronger case, read this.

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