Use This App To Visualize Yourself, 20LB Lighter

by Charlene Flanagan

Well, here's a novel approach to motivate you to lose weight. While most of us won't admit it, Instagram and photo editing apps are our go-to, when it comes to posting pictures on social media, or even considering making a snapshot our display or profile picture. Perhaps that's what sparked the idea for the latest fitness app, where Visual Health Solutions, Cleveland Clinic, and the University of Colorado, have come together to develop Visualize You.

The platform encourages weight loss by processing a recent portrait image with a 'Before' and 'After' effect, to show how you would look if you were 20lb lighter. According to the designers, the app uses proprietary algorithms based on clinically verified weight change dynamics to generate the image. So how does it work? All you need to do is take a portrait-style picture of yourself, or grab one from your photo library, and drop it into the app along with your height, weight and desired target weight. The app crunches the numbers and pops out an image of a slimmer you. Available for just $2 on both iOS and Android platforms, we're loving the concept and think that it is positively inspired.


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