Meet Vivian, YouTube’s Teen Hairstyling Goddess

by Charlene Flanagan

Great beauty vloggers don’t come around too often. It’s what they do differently that sets them apart and make them a success—be it their personality, the way they flirt with the camera, or more importantly, the content of their beauty tutorial videos! They’re gorgeous, have mad skills when it comes to makeup, beauty DIYs, hair care tips, product reviews and even styling cues!

Well, 19-year-old Vivian Vo-Farmer's got a lot going for her, which is why she's such a big hit on Instagram (400k+ followers), Twitter (17k+) and YouTube (1.3 million subscribers). A must-watch from her video uploads? Hair care and styling tutorials that make use of her gorgeous mane for demonstration. Well, the proof is in the crowning glory, and Vivian's giving us and many others some serious hair goals. Ready to find out why she's our Beauty Star Of The Week?

We ❤: Vivian's humble videos shot in her bedroom with no-fuss, no-frills to distract you. She doesn't claim to be a pro; the girl's here, simply to tell you how she takes care of her beauty and fashion needs and you can feel free to try her little tricks and tips yourself. Vivian's tone and style connect with her peers (those around her age) as she uses affordable drugstore products that are easily available.

So,  from funky (and functional) hairdos for your day or night around town, to gearing up for a big party or getting all dressed up for date night, the Vivian V YouTube channel covers it all.

A major hit are her hair rituals because she's alll about keeping it clean, steering clear of styling tools (particularly the ones that involve heat) and teaching you how to healthily grow your hair to be long and voluminous (a coveted feature for many women).

Take for example this effortless wavy hair DIY. It’s super easy (takes Vivian all but 3 minutes to get it done), needs no heat or styling products and is perfect for that effortlessly chic look you were going for—whether it’s at work or at the beach!

What You Can Expect

  • Haircare tutorials that are easy and affordable, and fit into your everyday schedule seamlessly.
  • Quick hacks and cheats to replicate complicated hairstyles for all kinds of events, be it the prom, back-to-school looks, birthday dos, boho chic mane, or even beachy waves. 
  • Vivian also does fuss-free makeup tutorials that can be recreated by beginners, too.
  • She ties all elements together with some fashion-forward posts where she dishes out date outfits, formal attire, seasonal lookbooks, and trendy shoe line-ups.

What Everyone Will Love

There’s a lot to love about Vivian’s channel. If you’re looking for ways in which you can style yourself—from picking and pairing random pieces of clothing in your wardrobe to suit your need of the day, makeup for every occasion, to cool, fun, but more importantly, quick ways to dress your hair up as well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. 

Dressing up for a lot of women tends to be somewhat of an event. Who doesn’t like to look good, right? Unfortunately, most women don’t seem to have all that much time to do their hair or makeup justice, and tend to run out of their homes with just the bare minimum. Maybe a 19-year-old's thrifty and nifty approach to the dilemma is just what you need to devise and streamline a simpler way of doing things.

On that note, if you’ve come across a vlogger you absolutely love and think the whole world should know about, do write in to us with their deets and we'd be happy to profile them. For now, let's end with Vivian's boho hairstyle tutorial that's perfect for the summer season.

Images Via Instagram/Vivian V

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