Beauty Blogger Of The Week: Contouring God Wayne Goss

by Charlene Flanagan
Erm, you know why everyone loves Wayne Goss? Well, he's a good looking Biritsh dude who knows how to contour #LikeABoss. He is also a delight to watch, and can often help you see through pointless makeup trends that are not for you (color correcting, anyone?).

With 2,500,00 subscribers on his YouTube Channel, over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and 125,000 on Twitter, this guy has become the go-to person for women who want to nail the art of defining their features with a simple brush and color palette. 

We ❤: Wayne Goss's celebrity makeup tutorials—particularly ones that feature highlighting and contouring—are insanely popular. So, if you’re looking to nail Kim Kardashian’s look, with those perfectly bronzed cheekbones and highlights under the eyes, this step-by-step tutorial will help you do it like a pro. “It’s easy to follow and I promise anyone can do it,” says Goss.

His is very casual, and his tutorials are detailed and easy to follow, Also, he's not afraid to get in the makeup chair and demonstrate the look on himself either. This is kind of interesting because a lot of guys can take a cue from Goss, too - especially from tutorials about basic skin coverage and grooming. 

How To Avoid Mid-Day Cake Face

Stepping out of my house every morning, I feel like I've pretty much nailed it. All my makeup is in place, everything is set with a loose powder, and there are no color bleeds anywhere. Four hours in, I find myself standing in front of the restroom mirror, trying to set everything back into the lines of definition with wet and dry tissues. That's where this tutorial came to the rescue, and boy, it proved to be a great save!


Every Girl Needs A Quick-Fix For Makeup Mistakes

Oh, so frustrating, when you're left with raccoon eyes, too much foundation, bronzer that looks like a bad tan job, or mascara that's picket-fenced your upper eye lid! Goss insists, "There’s really no need for a do-over—just try these quick-fixes to save face with a few tricks.

Trend Spotter: HD Brows

Science says your eyebrows are your most important facial feature because they frame the face and define your look. Well, is it any wonder that the power brow trend is taking over the beauty scene? On that note, Goss has a really cool tip that can help make your nose look smaller or bigger, simply by manipulating the space between your brows. We've never seen this one on any other beauty blogs before, have you? 

All of these tutorials and so many more, like his "Look Flawless, Not Fake", "How To Make Your Eyes Look Huge", and "The No More Creasin EyeShadow Technique", are all worth a watch and will make you an avid fan. Honestly, we really cannot get enough of Wayne Goss and his channel; and it seems like neither can these guys:

"...You're my beauty everything! I'd take your advice any day rather than any other beauty gurus on youtube/instagram/tumblr or any other site." - Ellie Lannister

Ya freakin crack me up at some point in every vid!...I appreciate that about you and of course the makeup info too!" - Tully Soulliere

"This is the one video I want to share with everyone I know. Absolutely amazing, easy, fabulous results, and unbelievably fast. Thank you!" - Kim Zeee

"Love u Wayne. I watch some of these girls on youtube & OMG, too much foundation, too much of this and that. Some don't even have under eye pigmentation but use too much concealer to cover up nothing & cake up their faces. Some say they have wrinkles & i don't see any unless it's close up or covered up. It's just ridiculous! You keep it real. Keep up the great work!" Megan Vang

"Wayne.. your literally better at make up tips than most girls haha congratulations❤" Amy Lovelock

Images Via Instagram/ Wayne Goss

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