Celeb-Inspired Hairstyles From The Red Carpet

by Charlene Flanagan
We’ll cut right to the chase—everyone is waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities on the red carpet at the 88th Annual Academy Awards in only a few days. And in honor of those paparazzi-crazed moments, we bring you some award-worthy hairstyles that you can recreate for your very own special events!


1930sVintage Curls
Charlize Theron not only won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2004 but she also wowed with her Gucci floor-length gown and vintage curls. Kelsey Hale, from the Brambila Salon in Santa Monica, shows you how to recreate this glamorous look.


  • First, part the hair to the left or right, whatever side your parting is.
  • Then, split the hair in two (as if you’re doing it half up half down). Pin up the top half with a clip and start on the bottom section. If the hair is longer than the shoulders, I recommend an iron that’s 1-inch wide. If it's shorter than your shoulders then 3/4-inch curling iron works. If you choose to part to the right, then curl everything left, if you part your hair to the left, curl everything to the right.
  • Take about 1-1.5 inch sections and curl all left or right. Take your hair and pull it straight out and clamp the iron in the middle of the hair, then twirl up until you get to the base of the head before you release slowly.
  • Start again in the center and then slowly open the clamp and keep twirling, adding more hair until the ends are fully in the iron. By doing it twice, you avoid getting too much hair in the clamp and bending the hair. It also allows the iron to get hotter on the hair so you don't have to let it sit for too long.
  • Once the bottom section is done, take the top down and do the top the exact same way (all curls will be in the same direction).
  • Once all of it is done, set with your favorite hairspray, sit for five minutes and let it cool! Take a paddle brush and brush out from roots to ends, all over the hair, which will achieve the very soft curl effect.
  • Tease if you want height or leave as is, style and tame with hairspray on your fingers!


1940sHollywood Glam
Think 1940 and silver screen star Veronica Lake with her deep, sultry side-parting and cascading waves comes to mind. This style has been favoured by many on the red carpet. Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon are known for sporting from soft loose curls to controlled waves, flowing elegantly down past the shoulders. Sexy Hair artist Nadirah Volpe shows you how you can nail the look using their products.


  • Prep all hair by spraying lightly with a heat defense hot tool spray.
  • Create a deep side-part on top. Beginning in the nape area, take a 1 inch horizontal section, and then subdivide into approximate 1 inch-wide sections with alternating diagonal partings.
  • Using a 1 inch wand, elevate each section straight out. Hold wand horizontally and wrap from roots to ends. Spray lightly with heat defense setting spray before wrapping.
  • Moving up the head, continue wrapping 1 inch sections. Make sure each curl is wrapped in the same direction.
  • When you get to the top front sections, backcomb gently before wrapping.
  • Once all curls have cooled, use a boar bristle paddle brush to brush out and form all curls together.
  • Lift ends with fingers and spray volumizing dry shampoo or a weightless hairspray, depending on hair type, into the lengths of the hair to add width.
  • Once desired width is achieved, spray your boar bristle brush with anti-frizz and shine spray, and very gently smooth the surface of the hair so as not to disturb width and volume. Use a comb for any fine detailing. Finish with volumizing hairspray.


The punk hairstyle came around as the opposite of the long ‘hippie hair’ and featured short, cropped hair, unshaved heads and shocking colours. Some women known for rocking this style were Cher, Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer. In the past few years, the MET Gala’s red carpet has seen a lot of actresses keen on experimenting with the look—right from Anne Hathaway going completely blond to Nicole Richie going gray. Hair artist Kelly Bileddo gives her suggestions on how to recreate the 70s' punk look without the crazy colours.


  • Part off the crown and clip away. Leave down the sides and back.
  • Apply volumizing dry shampoo from roots to ends for texture and grip.
  • Back comb the sides and back vertically.
  • Subdivide at the occipital (lower back of the head) creating two sections. Clip away top section.
  • Smooth the lower section over to the left, applying hair spritz for shine and hold. Cross pin at the center for security. Repeat movements in subsection two, smoothing hair to the left. Cross pin at center for security.
  • Combine both subsections and smooth hair to the right in order to create a French twist as you move upwards. Pin secure.
  • Use dry wax spray for shine and to eliminate fly-aways.
  • Subdivide the crown in half horizontally and clip away the section closest to the hair line.
  • Using volumizing dry shampoo, spray section from roots to ends. Smooth the hair back, creating a pompadour and cross pin just above the French twist.
  • Roll the remainder of the section up and pin a barrel curl above the French twist. Expand ends so there are no gaps on the ends. Use pins for security.
  • In the fringe, subdivide diagonally and use a 1 inch iron to create two barrel curls.
  • Use volumizing dry shampoo and spray the curls from roots to end and back comb. This will help create bend and movement for the faux fringe.
  • Now, smooth the section towards the right eye for maximum height. Twist softly, once towards the back, and move in a C-shape towards the front. Pin for security. Then, place the ends accordingly using dry wax spray for shine.


1980sCrimped Hair

Crimped hair became popular during the late 70s and 80s and has made a comeback in a slightly more polished manner at fashion weeks. The style is great for adding volume to your hair. In 2014, singer Sia stunned the Grammy red carpet with a crimped, geometric, platinum blond bob wig. If you want a simple crimped look, Sexy Hair artist Chasity Bogard shows you how.


  • Section out top from parietal (mid head) and clip away. Starting at nape, section 1/4 inch sections and crimp with large crimper using a hot iron spray (Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want Flat Hair) on each section.
  • Work up the head shape, taking 1/4 inch sections as you alternate between crimpers. Some sections should have both sizes of crimpers used on it (ie, micro crimper fades into large crimper).
  • When you reach the parietal, start crimping lower to allow less volume on top. Continue alternating crimpers.
  • Once entire head is finished, use a dry thickening spray (Big Sexy Hair Push Up) and shake some of the sections loose, keeping some prominent crimps in front.


1990sUltra Feminine
Drew Barrymore looked ultra-feminine as she walked the red carpet with flowers in her hair in the 90s. Her most iconic look was the daisy she sported at the 70th Annual Academy Awards in 1998. Hack and Ungaroof show you how to recreate the exact look.


  • Start by misting hair with a priming spray to protect your locks when heat styling.
  • Then, blow-dry your hair and bangs with a small metal round brush.
  • When you finish blow drying, curl your hair with a 1 inch curling iron.
  • Place Daisy flowers throughout hair. Secure the stems of the daisies with bobby pins.


2000sThe High Ponytail
“A red carpet moment is about a ‘wow’ dress and classy timeless make-up and hair that let the dress and face shine. A good example of this is Jennifer Lopez's look, especially at the 87th Annual Academy Awards in 2015,” says Mary Brambila of Brambila Salon in Santa Monica who works with celebs like Amy Paffrath, Kristen Stewart, and Rachel Mullins.


  • Shampoo your hair with a volumizing shampoo (UNITE Volumizing shampoo). Skip the conditioner.
  • Blow dry hair with a large round brush; the goal is to get it straight and smooth.
  • Use a texture spray when hair is fully dry (Oribe texture spray) at the roots to add volume.
  • Next, we need to lift the hair at the crown of the head before the ponytail. Do this by teasing hair with a teasing brush in a row across the head (to give fullness before the ponytail) and give lift to roots.
  • Brush over lightly to give a smooth look and pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail.
  • Wrap the hair tie with a small strand of hair to hide the tie—pull it up and tight. Feel free to add an extension piece to make a fuller longer ponytail.
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