We Have Jennifer Aniston’s Best-Kept Beauty Secret

by Trina Remedios

They say “Mothers always knows best”. And in the case of Aniston, it definitely rings true even till date. “I was using eye cream when I was, like, 18″, said the actress in an interview with Allure.com. While Jennifer has her mom to thank for those gorgeous peepers even at 45, we suggest you feast your eyes on these homemade under eye creams for some TLC:

DIY With Coconut Oil
Take half a cup of coconut oil and heat it in a microwave for 15 minutes, or till it melts to liquid form. Add six to eight vitamin E capsules and stir well. Now, refrigerate till it turns solid again, and then leave it out to set to a creamy texture. Apply every night before you hit the bed.

DIY With Rose Hip Oil
Mix together, equal portions of rose hip oil and vitamin E oil; enough for one application before you go to bed. Make a fresh batch for the next time around.

DIY With Primrose Oil
Heat half cup of coconut oil till it melts, and empty five vitamin E capsules and stir. Then, add 1tbsp of primrose oil and leave to set in the fridge. You can apply the mix under before you put your makeup, and also at bedtime.

Using oil as the base for homemade under eye creams will improve the elasticity of your skin, and soothe your pores while nourishing the area. This is a great way to reduce the appearance of dark circles and improve cell production too.

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