Nail The Look: We Teach You How To File Those Curves & Edges

by Trina Remedios

First things first, before we can even begin discussing the shape of the nail that best suits your fingers, you must Put Together The Perfect Manicure Set and fix any discoloration or yellowing of the nails. Once that’s out of the way, pick up the filer and size down those nails for a healthy, aesthetically tasteful appearance that scores high on hygiene by staying within the 1-2mm length (less likely to trap dirt).

Fancy manicures tend to keep your talons much longer, but to be honest, bird claws are very 90s, and are more prone to chipping. With that in mind, make the right style statement with an at-home manicure, by choosing a shape that works best for the length of your nail bed and fingers.

Perhaps the safest of the lot, this shape works well for short nails because it makes the wide nail bed appear thinner. Low maintenance, not prone to chipping, and ideal for bold, solid colors, just be sure to keep the edges smooth and not taper the peaks too much.

Be Square
Whatever the shape of your fingertips, squaring them off will make your nails look stubby. Be sure to only opt for this style if you have long, slender fingers and medium-to-long nails. Darker hues can prove to be a bit too stark and loud on such nails. Stick to a french manicure or neutral, feminine shades. Also, if your nails are weak, square nails may not be the best shape for they are prone to chipping easily at the sides.

Oval Diaries
If you’re a girly girl, oval nails will feed your feminine side, for much like the curvature on women, this kind of contouring has a slimming effect on your fingers and talons. However, in order to size them down to the perfect shape, you need to let your nails grow out a bit.

Apart from these three basics, a whole host of trending shapes include squoval (square+oval), almond, stiletto nails and the likes, all of which are off-shoots of the above styles. However, we recommend you nail the basics before graduating to more complicated contours in order to strengthen your talons from the roots.

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