Will Cannabis Oil Be The Next Big Trend In Skin Care?

by Dani Katz
Cannabis is one of nature’s most powerful healing plants. Ancient cultures used it for everything from hemorrhoids to hair loss. Our twenty-first century medical paradigm is particularly fond of marijuana's capacity to treat pain and inflammation, and for me, that's what has made Mackenzie Medicinals cannabis oil face serum such a game-changer in my beauty routine. I'm not alone: My neighbor rubs cannabis oil on her arthritis-mangled hands daily; and calls the marijuana oil serum “a real-deal miracle.” Another friend applied some on a steam burn, and marveled at how quickly her finger healed. Me? I smear it on my face. Made with high-quality cannabis oil, as well as tamanu, copaiba and emu oils, this rich, silky serum does a complexion good, and by "good," I mean, makes it smooth and radiant and awesome.

FYI, cannabis oil isn't the same as hemp oil —​ check out this chart that illustrates the differences between the two. Learn more about hemp oil's health benefits here.

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Yes, It's "Face Weed" —​ Aka, Marijuana Oil For Your Face

"Your skin looks amazing!" said the photographer I ran into at our neighborhood juice joint, just days after I started using the stuff.
"I know!" I gushed, far too tickled by the novelty of my glowing complexion for modesty. “It’s the face weed.”
William Mackenzie is the visionary alchemist behind face weed. MacKenzie boasts a rich and storied history with plant medicine and shamanism, having studied in the Amazon and apprenticed with a shaman, while diving deep into the realms of botany and ethnobotany —​ areas he continues to explore with feverish interest. But, it wasn’t until he decided to treat his own skin cancer with topical cannabis oil that MacKenzie realized the extent of this magical plant’s healing power.

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Cannabis Oil's Healing Properties —​ And Beauty Uses

Upon healing himself, MacKenzie was inundated by requests from friends who were dealing with pain, including a family member who was battling fibromyalgia. It was then that this plant whispering genius started blending cannabis oil with a bevy of anti-inflammatory and wound healing oils to increase the potency of the serum, and – voila! – MacKenzie Medicinals topical healing oil was born.
And while the product was never intended to be a beauty serum, I’m not the only who’s getting compliments on her glowing complexion after applying it. Word’s catching on fast, and I know plenty of LA-based natural skincare geeks now calling themselves devotees, slathering a thin layer on morning and night, to radiant, line-free results. That being said, I can also attest to the product’s healing mojo, as I’ve applied it to a bevy of rashes and dry patches (hello, sensitive skin), to otherwise miraculous smoothing, soothing, and moisturizing results. To this end, I recommend keeping a bottle of cannabis oil in your medicine cabinet at all times, because it’s just that wonderful and versatile.
So no matter how else you might use cannabis, I say, yay for the face weed.

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Tell us in the comments: What other natural oils do you incorporate in your skincare routine?


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